ppl with Keepalls and Speedys

  1. Hello all

    i would like if someone could show me a pic of a speedy30 next to a keepall 45.. im jsut tryin to get a rough idea on the size etc. i know the measurements but that doesnt help me.. i need the visiuals..

  2. Aww. I have a Speedy 30 but a Keepall 60. Sorry! : (
  3. aww thanks anywayz.. hehe.. i just wanted to know the size... wow.. 60.. do they allow that on planes?
  4. Hope someone helps ya out. And no, I can't carryon the Keepall 60. :Push:
  5. also for those with the smaller keepalls can you get a strap for it..
  6. I've got a Speedy 25 and I just bought a Keepall 50 (but it hasn't arrived yet)....don't know if that helps you much though.
  7. is that a 45 and a 30?/

    by the way congrats. HOT keep all
  8. oooh now theyre not letting you take on any sized keepalls, your hang luggage has to be the size of a breifcase now!
  9. I think the Keepall 55 is the biggest size that you can carry on airplanes.

    *You might want to consider the 55; when I bought mine, I was considering a smaller size too, and the LV SA told me that everybody who gets a smaller one comes back and exchanges it for the 55. Frankly, from my point of view, the 55 is NOT too big at all; I could use a little more room!
  10. ^ i can imagine. the 45 seemed tiny when i saw it. it would be good for only hand carry as handbag replacement if you get wat i mean..

    but they wont allow hand baggage on flights to and drom the UK i heard all other flights are fine
  11. [​IMG]

    I dont know if this will help as they are not side by side. But I have a Cerises 45 keepall and you can see my 30s in the front of the chaise.