ppl with damier azur..

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  1. how is it holding up? any color transfer? and patina yet? nice? bad? wat's ur take on it?
  2. my speedy is still looking great, no color transfer although the handles are starting to darken a little not too bad. I've used it off and on since I got it on the 1st. I love it!

    don't know if this will help...
    DSC01243.JPG DSC01244.JPG
  3. Mine is doing great! I have only had it for a week or so, but it looks fab!!

    I did spray Shining Monkey on it, though...the naked vachetta makes me nervous!
  4. I cannot find Shining Monkey...where do you buy it from??? I've been using my Speedy..but I am terrified that something is going to get on the vachetta:sad:
  5. I had an azur pochette for two days and ended up having to take it back after it ended up with color transfer on it either from my jacket or from the darker color on the azur transfering to the lighter areas.

    The speedys don't rub against clothing as much as a pochette i guess, so don't think there should be much transfer on them...
  6. I bought my Shining Monkey from Amazon:smile:
  7. kiwi works good too and youcan find it at the grocery store.

    NO color transfer here, haven't used it too much tho
  8. Good thread! I wanna know too! :wlae:
  9. is it easy to get the damier dirty??
  10. My Saleya MM is okay, I carry it on the shoulder, so bound to rub against my jacket etc, but everything is still brand new looking ( especially love the 'new car smell' on the interior *chuckle* ).
  11. i don't think they will start to patina yet...it's only been what? a few months :smile: