PPL with black city from 2006 FALL collection.

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  1. JUST RECEIVED a black city *YAY*...

    but i have a question, are the leather HARDER than the older seasons? it's not veiny at all... but it doesn't feel as soft as other bbags i have...

    Please let me know how yours is :biggrin:
  2. oh eping can you post pics please??:yes: :yes:
    I have a black first from 06 fall collection and it's yummy yummy :drool: :drool: not veiny at all.

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  3. Congrats eping!!! Post pics please, btw where did you purchase from??
  4. Congrtas eping !!!!

    I also have a black F06 City:love: .
    Leather is thick / soft / unveiny :yes:!!!

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  5. Congrats eping! Can't wait to see your pics and see what you mean.

    myriam and fromparis your blacks are SO pretty! Love the leather on them!
  6. I have one from the fall and the leather is gorgeous! Its not broken in yet so it is a bit stiffer than the bags I have received from 05, but it is much better than the grenat or blueberry that I had. I think its one of those things that get better with time.
  7. Congrats,Eping!!!!! So you are nearly complete now?:yes:
  8. CONGRATS eping. You got your black City. :happydance:
  9. hey girls... thanks for the replies and your black bbags are yummy looking, i hope mine can be broken into soon!! Mine is a little stiff too like luvshopping, it's normal right? Just not quite use to the stiffness, as my ink city was a bit softer feeling!

    I will take pictures as soon as i get home... so you girls can tell me what you think!! ...

    MArieG... i AM complete now ^_____^" hahah no more bbags.. till NEXT year hahah ^_^
  10. fromparis heyy mine looks like yours, it has the shiny overcoat... i LOVE the color... okay i just like anything black... haha ^_^
  11. picture time :biggrin:



    i think i really need to use it than it'll be up to my satisfaction!! BREAK into it..

    was going to take some photos of me wearing it, but just came home from the dentist... :yucky: got my wisdom tooth pulled out!!... *phew* glad that over!
  12. thanks ^_^ got it from EBAY... ^_^ got a great deal on it too!!
  13. hey eping your new black city looks awesome... the more you use it the softer etc... it will get! :graucho: Mine is from the 2006 Collection - ive nearly had it for a year now and its very floppy and awesome looking I LOVE IT!!! enjoy your new b-bag!
  14. yeppers, my new '06 black city is a bit stiff too, but i haven't been using her :P...i've been carrying my new '06 grenat work though & after only 1 week & she's already soft & smooshy :love:...when she 1st arrived, she stood straight up when i sat her down...but now, she just flops all over the place!!!
  15. I carried my black city for the past two days and I noticed tonight that it had really softened up and the leather has gotten really nice!