ppl who change Avator pics...

  1. does it ever confuse you??

    i always know ppl by thier names and the aviator.. when they change it i get soooo confused... hah

    anyone else
  2. me! even though i'm a hypocrite b/c i just did it. (accidently deleted my old avatar, then couldn't find it on my computer again)
  3. absolutely.... that's why i don't change my avatar...
  4. Yes! :yes: For a while.

    The avatar pic's like someone's face, even if it's not a face, if you KWIM?! :biggrin:
  5. ^ compleletly understand.. the first itme it threw me off was when sunshine did it.. i was like huh.. hwos the new sunshine.. hahah i get sooo confused and am not sure who they are anymore.. half time time i write while looking at the pic not hte name
  6. LOL..that is so funny as Danica changed hers too and it totally threw me! I was like...where the hell is she...she was here all along! LOL Sorry I confused ya for minute! As soon as I get new pics of the dogs they will be back in my aviator...for now its just me!
  7. LOL thats why I keep my same pic:smile:

    It can get kinda confusing, but it is fun to see new pics once in awhile:smile:
  8. LOL! Sorry about that...it sometimes confuses me for a bit also! But I like when I get to see new pics also...and faces especially! When I first saw yours I was like 'so that's the pretty girl I've been talking to' :yes:
  9. It confuses me all the time, I think I only changed my avatar about 3 or 4 times since I joined, but I love my current one, it suits me well, so I think I'll keep it. But I do love seeing new pics once in a while.
  10. Purplekitty22- yours is really cute:yes:
    Sometimes it may take time to find the right one that fits you.
  11. Aww...thanks, amamxr!!! When I first saw it, I knew I had to make it my avatar!!
  12. totally confuses me and often I don't receognize myself for a few weeks :shame::lol:
  13. I think the last time I changed my avator pic was a few months ago...I plan on keeping this one though for a while
  14. You are a sweetie pie.:heart:
  15. Completely agree - mades me wary to change mine though I am tempted to now show my face (gasp!!) It may surprise you yo know I am not Paul Walker!!:yes: