PPL PLEASE HELP!! Question about the Monogram Groom line!!!

  1. Yesterday I bought a blue wallet from the "monogram groom" collection. Now I have a problem. The white and blue lines painted on the front of the wallet are kinda fading. You can see like, little dots of brown (from the canvas at the back) appearing and there's a little bit of dirt at the top and I can't get it out.. Also, there are black dots near the bellhop figure. Is it really like that?? What do I do??


  2. Probably. I have the same wallet you're talking about, but mine doesn't seem to have this problem. It's because of the process it goes through to put the design on the piece and over time it WILL fade..this one through seems pretty premature. I'd take it back to see if you can exchange it since you just got it yesterday.
  3. I agree. Can you post a pic?
  4. If it is brand new it should not be doing that already. I would take it back immediately and exchange it!
  5. omg and you just got it yesterday! how is that possible??
  6. back to shop
  7. did u buy it from the lv boutique?
  8. my SA did tell me to expect the flaking and wear of color since the groom design is painted on the leather but it certainly shouldn't be happening the day after! unless you are hard on your wallets...

    Post pics for us to see...
  9. ITA
  10. Exchange for the new one!!!
  11. Maybe it was a display piece?
  12. hmmm... can you post pix?
  13. I gave this wallet back ages ago, and exchanged it for a new one. The groom ones that I bought recently are different from this blue wallet.
  14. Yay! Glad they took it back, try to keep them in the dustbags if possible. The groom pieces need a little TLC if possible.