Pox on you people.

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  1. I never saw a Balenciaga. I'm happily reading threads about "losing the love" and one of you addicts said to cross the line and enter into your world. Not realizing the danger I did that and now I want to swallow my tongue. These purses are so unique and drop dead?

    Immediately I go to the standards to view some more (instead of the home page) and am stunned that NM, Saks, Bergdorf's doesn't even carry this brand. Dare I ask, gulp, who does???????

    I hate you people.:jammin:
  2. He he he. I like you already:supacool:
  3. Best of luck! I wandered over here and can't seem to get away. Oh, and now I own five or six bags, I've lost count.
  4. um i think it was me who told you to come by? *gulp* hhahahaahah
  5. Susieserb- those stores do! Balenciagas just aren't available online.

  7. Thank you, that in it's self is a blessing. My impulse buying will have be compromised since the nearest Saks and NM is two hours away.
  8. Susieserb,

    That's pretty much how they got me, too! Except that I saw a BBag on a woman and asked about it...then in researching more I landed in this forum. Within two weeks i had bought two bags (one in a store, one on eBay) and could analyze bale curvature with the best of them.

    This is a sick, sick place. Get out while you can (and leave the BINs to us!).

    Just kidding...welcome, and enjoy...
  9. *giggle*

    Welcome to the dark side ;)
  10. best thread title I've read around here. You'll be alright.
  11. Yea and I meant it too, lol because now I'm on a witch hunt (virgin Bbagger here) for number 8 (shucks 6 and 7 too) bags on the Balenciaga home page.:heart: That would be the two black and camel models (totally awesome) and the cute tourquoise number chasing their heels.
  12. hahaha!

    she's gonna be so broke from now on...

    another one has entered the Balenciaga web.

  13. i couldnt understand at first...but until i got my first one... omg i'm on bbag section of PF 247, and dream about it every night... hoping to buy more and more... (i've already bought 2 the past wkend)
  14. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep your hands and arms inside the trolley at all times..... bbags will suck you in, and never spit you out!!!! muahahahaha!!!!!
  15. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can still powerfully engage in impulse buying via Aloha Rag and BalNy - welcome to the incredibly addictive bbag world.