Pox on you people.


Dec 11, 2006
I never saw a Balenciaga. I'm happily reading threads about "losing the love" and one of you addicts said to cross the line and enter into your world. Not realizing the danger I did that and now I want to swallow my tongue. These purses are so unique and drop dead?

Immediately I go to the standards to view some more (instead of the home page) and am stunned that NM, Saks, Bergdorf's doesn't even carry this brand. Dare I ask, gulp, who does???????

I hate you people.:jammin:

That's pretty much how they got me, too! Except that I saw a BBag on a woman and asked about it...then in researching more I landed in this forum. Within two weeks i had bought two bags (one in a store, one on eBay) and could analyze bale curvature with the best of them.

This is a sick, sick place. Get out while you can (and leave the BINs to us!).

Just kidding...welcome, and enjoy...
best thread title I've read around here. You'll be alright.
Yea and I meant it too, lol because now I'm on a witch hunt (virgin Bbagger here) for number 8 (shucks 6 and 7 too) bags on the Balenciaga home page.:heart: That would be the two black and camel models (totally awesome) and the cute tourquoise number chasing their heels.
i couldnt understand at first...but until i got my first one... omg i'm on bbag section of PF 247, and dream about it every night... hoping to buy more and more... (i've already bought 2 the past wkend)
WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep your hands and arms inside the trolley at all times..... bbags will suck you in, and never spit you out!!!! muahahahaha!!!!!