Powersellers on EBAY

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  1. I was wondering are most powersellers on eBay legit? or not?

    i've been looking at a few and most have great comments but I still don't know if they're selling real or fake... i'm such a newbie I honestly can't tell yet

    but I was curious that if they have such great comments are they legit or are a lot of people not caring and just buying knock offs?
  2. I was looking through carlys the other day and came across a fake one and it was being sold by a powerseller.

    And this carly from one picture looked legit until you clicked and she had pictures of the inside and it was all satiny with the C logo.

    And it went for over $250!

    So yes I think people look at the "powerseller" symble and think they are honest and sell authentic which is not the case most of the time. So never go by that alone. Always have your items authenticated.

    I am a powerseller and ALL it means is you sold more than $1000 the month before or something and have over 98% good feedback I believe.

    I will preobably get the power seller status taken away because I'm not selling so much stuff anymore...

    You have to keep a good amount of money flowing through eBay.

    But it has nothing to do with whether or not you are honest or sell authentic items.
  3. oh ok gotcha... thanx for that

    I'm very cautious on eBay now because i've been burnt a few times with different items... so I guess i'm not going to have faith only in the powerseller icon ... i'll do more investigating before I bid...

    but until I know what i'm actually looking at I might stick to stores
  4. It's just not fair to leave the "powerseller" status for those who are selling fakes and to take it away from someone (like you) who're selling real/authentic items just because you're not selling as many items anymore. It's just not right!
  5. Yeah I know. I mean I don't mind because to me the Powerseller symbol doesn't mean crap...

    My feedback shows more than a little badge does. So if I lose it oh well. That just means I'm not feeding eBays mess anymore! LOL

    After the new fee increase and everything I doubt I will sell anything anways.
  6. *lol* You are SO right! I'm trying so hard not to get disheartened by Ebay and what they've become lately. But more and more I'm noticing that their new rules are catering more toward the dishonest than the ones who are honest. I wish I could find a sight where only honest buyers and sellers are allowed! Yea, I'm dreaming! *lol*
  7. Powersellers are going to get listing discounts when the new fee structure takes effect. I did not want to be a powerseller but felt forced to join to get the final value fee discount. You are going to see alot more sellers joining the program.