Powersellers & fakes, what a joke!

  1. I will preface this by saying that I used to post on TFP under username Flynn.

    Anyhow, I've been having so much trouble with eBay ending my auctions. So I decided to check their listing for merchandise similar to what I'm trying to sell. Well, low and behold, most the items of this particular brand are fake, blatant, ugly fakes. And better yet, they are being sold by Powersellers!!

    You know what? I'm convinced that eBay turns a blind eye to most of the counterfeit sellers. Most of them are "Powersellers". Why would eBay want to lose so much money since these "powersellers" generate revenue for them?

    I guess Powersellers can get away with anything. It makes me rethink how much we can really rely on positive feedback.
  2. All "powerseller" means is that you have a 98% feedback rating (figured a different way than normal sellers) and you sell X-amount per month.
    That's it.
  3. ^Yeah, in the past you *used* to be able to be able to trust the powersellers, but honestly, I notice a lot of powersellers with pretty bad feedback for various reasons.
  4. Yep. Selling lots and lots of fakes or scamming people will get you powerseller status. Frankly, lots of feedback doesn't do anything for me anymore. I'd rather look at the comments and recommendations from people than the number and little symbol beside their name....no fault of their own, more because eBay turns that blind eye.
  5. what is TFP? Do you mean TFS?
  6. Yup, that's it. Whenever I see "trusted powerseller" or such in the subtitle of certain bags' listings, it rings the alarm immediately, I don't even bother to look. Sounds like a certificate of fakes.
    (Hehe, ironically I became a powerseller myself just yesterday - nothing to do with bags, it's only rogue pods I'm faking, oops:p... making (can't fake my own pods, can I?)
    However, it's not only feedback & selling X amount, but powersellers should have a fairly clean history - i.e. not selling fakes, at the very least! All we can do is report them all, and pray...
  7. she means TPF, it says under her username.

  8. ^Eep, not good news then, only one username per person..
  9. pamela29 she is a power seller but anyone here purchased from her? how was your experience? Thanks!!
  10. You might want to start a new thread asking this question...buried in the middle of this one the people who are familiar with her might not see it.
  11. Thanks for the advice!!!! I wasn't sure as to where to post it and I've gotten in trouble for posting a new thread when one already existed :crybaby:
  12. I would trust a power seller before i would trust someone who isnt a powerseller... All powerseller means is that they have a high percentage feedback (Selling fakes doesnt get you a high score either) and that you generate revenue at certain levels each month. I would NEVER look negativly on a powerseller.
  13. OMG.. I noticed this too the other day. Found no less than THREE powersellers w/ what I know were blatant fakes saying "I am a power-seller so you should trust me" blah blah blah... UGH.
  14. On another group we call them "powerstealers"
  15. LMAO.. that's about what they are. I saw a "powerseller" the other day with 70 feedback? Only 70??? How you can be a powerseller when you have only that low feedback? Also, both purses she was selling were FAKE.