Powerseller wants to send me a company chk

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  1. I am currently selling my LV bag on ebay...and altho my better judgement tells me not to, I really dont want to keep this bag around.
    So i get a message from someone that wants to send me a company check, she said she'll overnite it to me if she should win the auction. She has 450 feedback and she mentioned she was a powerseller, and that she wanted to know if that's ok before she bidded.

    Should i accept the check? My auction is for paypal acct holders only...so I'm not sure how she's going to get around that...but maybe she has a paypal actt but doesnt want to use it? She has good feedback...I just dont know what could go wrong. WHAT COULD GO WRONG!?!?
  2. You wont have paypals protection if she sends you a check and something goes wrong. I know its tempting to do it just to get rid of a bag but I think you should stick to your very wise policy about using paypal. JMHO
  3. what protection do you need since she pays w check? she has to worry if you run away.right?
  4. You have nothing to worry about. She is taking the risk, just make sure the check clears the bank before you ship.

    ETA: If she sends it from a bank that is also local to your area, take it there and cash it. That way you will know the funds are there.

    Good luck!
  5. I personaly dont like checks, and wont take them, so if she says she doesnt get the bag then what? she cant file a claim with ebay?
  6. My auctions are PayPal only too but I do take other methods from buyers with 100% feedback, like 70 positive feedbacks. I tell them beforehand that I will ship the bag after money is cleared and I haven't had any problem that way.
  7. ITA:yes:, and this is what I do. If the bank the check is from is not local to you, maybe you can take it to a check-cashing place. Some will charge as little as 1%.
  8. If, for next time, you decide you want to accept PayPal only, you need to check the option "PayPal account required" (or something like that) when you do your listing.
  9. My worry would be that the check gets reported stolen. It would be far better, if there is a better to checks, if it was at least her own personal check.
  10. It could be that she owns the company or her husband/family. It shouldn't matter...as long as the check clears before you send the bag.
  11. My auction is paypal bidders only...and I guess she has a paypal acct but wont be using it.

    I was also thinking the same thing, wouldnt she be the one that should be worried?

    So instead of depositing it into my bank acct, I should cash the check instead right? That would be the safest way to go...

    -I'm secretly hoping, in the back of my mind, that someone wanting to pay with paypal will bid higher than her.
  12. I wouldn't feel comfortable at all accepting a personal check, especially a company check. There are too many risks there.

    If this buyer has cash in a bank account, they are more than capable of getting that cash to purchase a postal money order.

    A postal money order is the only thing I would accept.

    ....good luck.