Powerseller program

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  1. I just received an email that states that my ebay account is now eligible for the Powerseller program. Are there any benefits to this? Thanks!
  2. if im correct i think u get a discount on the listing fees :smile:
  3. you just get a fancy logo and eventually you get a ohone number to a real person. That's all I got. You don't really get anything unless you are a gold or platinum seller.

  4. :yes:
  5. Hi there. I'm a Gold PowerSeller and I have gained exactly nothing from this designation. You do get a separate (supposedly exclusive) telephone number as a "hotline" but you are on hold for 20 minutes each time. The regular eBay telephone number is much faster that this PowerSeller number. As for any other perks, the only one on the horizon is showing up among the first listings in "Best Match" searches if your Detailed Seller Ratings are good. As far as I can tell, at least at the Gold level, you gain absolutely nothing.:hrmm:
  6. You have to be a powerseller to get the 5% - 15% discounts on fees (if you seller ratings are high enough). So that's something...
  7. You get FVF discounts, and more but my favorite is you get Paypals seller protection and you don't have to ship to confirmed addresses.

    PowerSeller Program Benefits [​IMG][​IMG]
    • Prioritized customer service - PowerSellers receive prioritized support by email or telephone, depending on sales level.
    • PowerSeller fee discounts - For listings started on or after February 20, 2008 (applied to the April 2008 invoice), as a reward for excellent customer service, PowerSellers with high detailed seller ratings (DSRs) over the past 30 days will receive discounts on Final Value Fees for their prior month's sales. Learn more about how the discounts work and, if you are a PowerSeller, check the PowerSeller fee discount section of the Seller Dashboard to see if you qualify.
    • Unpaid Item protection - PowerSellers will receive a credit for any Feature Fees when a buyer does not pay for an item and the seller closes an unpaid item dispute. This program covers auction-style listings (excluding Dutch and Live Auctions) and single item fixed price listings on eBay.com, eBay.ca, eBay Express, and eBay Motors. Learn more.
    • Expanded seller protection from PayPal - Items sold by PowerSellers on eBay and paid for with PayPal will be covered against claims, charge backs, reversals for unauthorized payments, and merchandise not received. Transactions must meet the terms of coverage. This protection is free to PowerSellers and eliminates the need for confirmed addresses. Expanded seller protection is now available and enrollment takes only a few moments.
    • Increased visibility in Best Match searches - To reward excellent customer service, eBay will advantage the listings of the upper half of sellers in terms of buyer satisfaction. This advantage also applies to sellers outside of the PowerSeller program. Learn more.
    • Exclusive networking - PowerSellers share selling strategies on a discussion board open only to members.
    • Special offers - eBay works with many companies who offer products, services, and discounts available only to PowerSellers.
    • PowerSeller business templates - Access to eBay - approved templates for marketing
    • Powerful Giving Program - eBay Foundation regularly donates to charities supported by PowerSellers.
    • And more!

    I am a silver powerseller, but also got these as a bronze.
  8. Yes, eBay is beginning to offer FVF discounts, which will be welcome, but I am still too paranoid to ship to an unconfirmed address. I would have no problem doing so if the item sold is not high dollar. But if it is, I'd rather play it safe by shipping to a confirmed address with full insurance on the item. I do think eBay is trying hard to make the Power Seller program more rewarding and I very much appreciate that.

  9. As long as you ship to the address on the details transaction page at paypal, the address no longer has to be confirmed. Paypal covers it just as they would a confirmed address. I now ship international and get waaaay more business.
  10. Thank you very much! It certainly would make international selling and shipping much easier. I appreciate your input and will do this from now on!
  11. Thanks for all the input!!
  12. oh wow i didnt know this..but this only applies to powersellers right?
  13. Do make sure it's actually from ebay though (it'll be in your ebay messages too), I've received several of these and they're just phishing emails. :tdown:
  14. make sure of what? that you're a recognized powerseller by ebay?
  15. Hi ladies. I just called the Power Seller line to find out if this only applies to Power Sellers or to other sellers as well. The representative I spoke to told me that it is just for Power Sellers.