Powers Back On!

  1. it's raining cats and dogs here in LA. anyone else in the neighborhood lose power? ours was out for about 45 minutes.
  2. No, we didn't lose any power at all. What area code are you in ? I'm in 626
  3. nope. power is still on. but my backyard's fence just collapsed from all the rain :sad:
  4. I'm in 818. watching the dodger game on my little portable t.v. just in case power goes out again!
  5. I'm afraid to see my backyard. sounds a little swishy.
  6. My backyard is flooded !! All the beloved fruit trees my stepdad had been taking care like a baby are dying :wondering
  7. they'll be okay after it dries out won't they?
  8. Nope didn't loose power. However the winds were strong. My dogs started to bark, I think they got scared or something. I did noticed though that my internet access has going slower than usual.
  9. After the fence collapsed, I just realized that my neighbor has been putting loads of crap (I mean 5 trash cans!? tools, boxes, old air conditioner) against the other side of my now-collapsed fence!
  10. Jimmy Hoffa piled in there somewhere?
  11. nope.. 714's all good to go. :smile: however, the streets are quite flooded...
  12. We're note sure yet because it's one of those exotic fruit trees from Thailand
  13. We didn't lose power here in 626. However, the streets around here are semi-flooded. Damn the rain... I don't even want to go out this month!
  14. I know what you mean! I want to take one of my LVs out for some air but I'm scared if it starts sprinkling again! Looks like its going to be a Coach day.
  15. That's why I'm now using my damier ribera mini. It's great in the rain! :lol: