Power seller sold me a defective LV bag! Need help!!

  1. Hi All, I was looking for a LV miroir gold papillon and because there are so many fake out there, I thought buying from a power seller should be more secure. Then I saw one listed by a power seller but didn't sell. So I asked if that is still available and would she consider Best Offer. She accepted my offer and I said I'd like to buy through eBay. I also had few more questions for her by that time, but everytime when she replied, she never answered all of my questions, always missing something and replies were very very slow. Well, she finally said "YES I can bid" after I asked her 3 TIMES!!! However, auction were never relisted so I chased again. She said, "Oh sorry I just realized it is not listed..is it possible for me to send you an invoice thru paypal for it? Your protection is thru paypal anyway and this way we can save on the eBay fees... every bit helps since we are reducing it for you..." I thought, alright... she has about 1930 feedbacks, and rating is 100%, maybe I could trust her. And because her replies were very very slow, I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. So I bought the bag from her out of eBay.

    When I received the bag and inspected it, my nightmare started!!!! I found scuffs marks in several places!!!! Also there are missing paint on the side of the straps in 3 areas!!!!! The worse part is even 7.5 inches long!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!! And the ultimate nightmare is, I also found a punch hole on the leather tag inside the bag!!!!!!!!!! What?!?!?! That is supposed to be a new & never carried LV bag!!!!!!!! But what I got is a bag with lots of big flaws!!!!!! You're kidding me!!!!!!!! No wonder she lured me to trade out of eBay. Stupid me!!!!!

    I complained to her and her answer was, "This has never happened before and we have been selling for 8 years now on ebay. The punch hole was not in the bag when I sent it. It looks as if Customs opened it, and we have no control once Customs steps in..." About the punch hole, she even said it happened to her other oversea customer before. You are joking!!!!!!!!!!! Why would Customs punch a hole on the tag?!?! They have tons of things to go through everyday, how would they have time to do such rediculous thing?!?! And what's the reason for doing it???? They have no rights to do so!!! She just tried to blame on the Customs but the thing is, the box has no sign of being opened by Customs!!!! I had packages opened by Customs before, they would leave a card & leaflets in the package as well as putting a seal on the box saying it has been opened for inspection. But this time there are no such things at all!!!! I have also contacted Customs to double check, they just said the same thing to me!!!!

    Since I paid by PayPal echeck (direct bank transfer) and not buying through eBay, does anyone know if I can still claim through PayPal?

    Just wanted to share my terrible experience. Be careful and cautious also with the power sellers!! They can be swindlers too!! Shame on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lesson learned buyers beware of Ebay. I just can't believe how many people get ripped off over and over. Ebay is not worth it.
    I wish you the best. I am sure the seller knows she got over on you by not doing it throught Ebay.
  3. Hi, Sorry this happened to you, heres what i have to say:

    [] first off, are you sure the bag is Authentic ??, I have seen LOTS and LOTS of Powersellers selling fake Vuitton. I would post pics of it in the LV shopping section
    -authenticate this-

    [] you can still claim, there is a way to do this, file a SNAD (seller not as described) this is the best way to get your money back, Paypal will get you to send the bag back to the seller and then the seller will refund you. paypal will freeze her account until this is done but you have to get tracking on the bag.

    Good luck :flowers:
  4. i am so sorry that happened to you but she is for sure full of it, I live in the states but i have family out of this country in many places (canada, england, etc) and I have had packages they sent me opened by customs and as you said they are CLEARLY marked as having been opened by customs with stickers and their own type of tape that states customs and such

    :sad: I am so sorry what a horrid person i hope something can be done :sad:
  5. That's horrible! I can't believe she had the nerve to say that Customs did it!! SAVE THAT EMAIL- Once anyone from Paypal sees that she used THAT as the possible scenario, especially admitting that this "happened before" to another bag they will automatically know she is full of ****... excuse my language. No one in there right mind wouldn't be able to see right through that one. That email right there is one of your best weapons towards her. Good luck.
  6. First of all, sorry this is happening to you.
    Second, "powerseller" does not mean anything when it comes to buying authentic handbags. It just means they sell over a certain amount each month. But I guess you know that now.

    Did you take pictures of the item as soon as you found the defects? If you still haven't done so, I would advise taking pics w/ date and the notes on it.

    You can file a SNAD dispute through paypal. As long as the seller does not disappear, you will get the full amount from paypal even though you paid through echeck as long as seller keeps her paypal account active. There is a risk of seller withdrawing all the funds in her paypal account and disappearing. In that case, paypal will only reimburse you for up to $200. If you paid w/ cc, you can chargeback to get full amount. That's why a lot of people prefer to use cc when buying something online. But since she does a lot of transactions through paypal, I think that risk is low.

    Also, like littlerock80 said, save all email correspondences.

    Good luck!
  7. Can you post pictures here of the damages? I'm thinking abount the punch hole of the tag. Maybe it's the stamp they put when they sell them to an employee. Also the miroir line is so fragile and I', sure she knew it was like that when she listed.

    Another thing PLEASE CALL PAYPAL BEFORE FILING A CLAIM. I never have problem if the item was listed on Ebay. One time I bought something just thru a Paypal invoice and when I filed a claim they said that they closed the investigation because they only make sure that the item is delivered. I'll see if I find the email to post it.
  8. Ok, here's the resolution of my claim

    "As you may already be aware, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies only
    to the shipment of goods and not to complaints about the attributes or
    quality of goods received through a transaction. Therefore, we will
    not conduct an investigation into this matter at this time.

    We do, however, reserve the right to begin an investigation within 180 days
    if we determine it is necessary"
  9. Hi ALL!! Thank you sooooooo much for all the supportive messages!!!! You guys are sooooooooo nice!!!!!

    Yes, I had already taken photos of the damaged areas once I received the bag. And I believe it is an authentic LV bag, but certainly NOT a new, never carried handbag! In the beginning, seller even blamed Customs mishandling the bag and caused the paint to fall off. MY GOD!!! 7.5 inches paint loss caused by Customs inspection?!?! The damaged area is so clean and cuts are sharp. What kind of Customs inspection is she talking about?!?! To make such an extent of damages, it is not mishandling, it is abuse!

    I've posted photos of the tag and paint loss here. The punch hole is next to the word "PARIS". It looks like an "@" written with a pen or something. But it is not. The leather has actually been punched through. It was done with some kind of tools... Has anyone seen it before??


  10. The seller KNOWS ABOUT IT. You can go to the authenticate this LV with the pictures and ask if it's normal that mark. I'm sure this bag was a Display of one LV store. As far as I know that's the mark they do to the bags when they sell to an employee. Was the picture in the original listing? Do you have the url?
  11. Oh no. :sad: I suggest you to post these pics to Louis Vuitton thread as well to figure out what that punch hole means. I am guessing that because of the missing paint on the handle, it was punch-holed as defective to prevent sale by anyone. But I am not 100% and the folks at the Louis Vuitton would know what this punch means.

    Well, Customs has nothing to do with the damages, that's for sure. First of all, if the Customs opens your package for any reason, you probably would have been charged with Customs fees. Was there any slip from the Customs that they had opened the package? If there is no paperwork regarding that, the assumption is they did not open the package. Like I said, if they opened the package, you probably would have paid some fees.

    Like geniepr said, call paypal and explain the situation.
    I really do hope you get some answers soon...
  12. Yes- that is in fact a punch which designates that the handbag was purchased by an employee of Louis Vuitton and should have not been re-sold.
  13. ^Yup, so the seller definitely knew about it.
    Probably one of the reasons this bag was sold to an employee in the first place is because of the damage (the SA's get to purchase damaged goods at a 'sale's associates only sale' certain times during the year).
  14. ITA. File a claim through Paypal now and good luck. Keep us posted.

    Is the seller eb*ut*qu*? :s It's against ebay rules to trade outside of ebay, hope you've kept all the correspondence between yourselves and report it to ebay while making a claim to Paypal at the same time.
  15. I'd call paypal first and then file the claim. See what they say. Keep us updated!