Scarves Power Scarves--scarves that could run the meeting all by themselves

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  1. Love it! Leather + Samourai=badass.
    (That IS a cool knot! I can’t quite figure out how you tied it either...)
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  2. Bunnycat is correct. It's H en Fil from the Winter 2018 season. It also comes in black, white, blue, and bronze. I'm trying very hard not to buy more in black and navy.

    Aw, thanks. This is such a mystery, right? Why do some designs/formats/scales look amazing on some people and not so good on another? I can't wear a gav and always admire @bunnycat's photos. @Joannadyne manages to look elegant and polished in whimsical scarves, whereas they translate into instant frump on me. I thought last season's tattoo astrologie nouvelle would be a no-brainer slam dunk, but it looked bland and boring on me.
  4. Great choices
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  5. Thank you! I needed to feel badass that day. :smile: I zoomed in on my camera and think I figured out the knot. Will try it tomorrow for SOTD on a couple of things.
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