Scarves Power Scarves--scarves that could run the meeting all by themselves

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  1. Loved Bowie....

    Yes- I'm not exactly a creature that attracts attention. I tend to mostly "disappear" in to the background. Which in intself, is not necessarily bad. But as I said, scarves do attract attention (especially the ones I seem to pick) and that can help me out a lot (both in the confidence department, and also as a way to attract friendly attention, especially when I am doing something I don't like, like returning items....or busy checkout counters....)
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  2. Power scarves are sort of tricky when you are a "Summer" color type with medium-to-low value contrast. Here is mine, Fouets et Badines. Perfect for work. Thanks to @papertiger for correctly calling out its powerful-ness.
    FeB copy.jpg
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  3. That is really quite perfect and powerful on you!
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  4. Oh man. I'm a parents' attorney and I don't think IEP meetings should ever be acrimonious. It never serves the student. To that end, I will wear scarves like my CSGM Tyger (a bright and cozy shawl) to IEP meetings to set a relaxed, friendly, and warm tone.

    For a resolution session (to try and fix a problem after getting to the point where a parent has filled a lawsuit), I like something fun, but polished. It keeps me looking laid back enough to cooperate with, but not casual or too soft. These are examples from my last few:
    IMG_20181113_145303459.jpg IMG_20181130_132107308.jpg IMG_20181127_150117929.jpg IMG_20180914_115126388.jpg
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  5. At hearing, I go for the most conservative and serious ones I have:
    IMG_20181211_123927978.jpg IMG_20181129_184927633.jpg IMG_20181018_092345820.jpg

    If it's a particularly contentious issue, I'll wear my non-Hermes silk chiffon mousseline with skull and barbed wire pattern. (It's my uniform for kicking a$$. My co-workers know I'm on the warpath when they see me decked out in this one!) IMG_20181019_123912617.jpg
  6. I love the theatrics!
    All so well thought out, and I love how they work for you.
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  8. I ... I ... I think I love you. I’ve mostly worked with good attorneys and, obviously, great parents but I’ve also worked with the rare parents whose hobby seemed to be beating up the district and the service providers and found a mean-spirited, power-loving attorney to act as the hit-man. It’s demoralizing when it’s supposed to be a collaborative process that is all about the student and not about anyone’s ego. And I looove your scarves and your style, especially the outfit with the pink plisse (Kachinas?). Power scarves, indeed!
  9. @FugitiveRouge I love your power scarves! I laughed that you have a war-path scarf! That's awesome and badass. What's the name of the beautiful cranberry scarf with the white line work? I can't recall the name but seeing how you're wearing it makes me want to do some looking... uh oh!
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  10. If I saw you wearing any of these at my son’s IEP meeting (which I just had last week, so it’s fresh in my mind), even your warpath one, I would hug you.

    And how it is that On a Summers Day looks SO good on you but washes me out so completely???
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  11. I love all these Langsam and FugitiveR! Y'all look so polished!

    I think that one is H en Fil. It's a pretty recent rendition and I think is still available online at the very least.
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  12. I love the design of Summer Day too- but I know the scale of it in that format would do the same to me as well.
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  13. I thought that it would be the perfect neutral and the pops of pink would brighten it up, but boy, it was such a dud on me. I was so disappointed because it looks so fab on others! I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you, too, but am selfishly glad to have company!
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  14. Yeah- I really dig his work and designs but have learned my lesson when it comes to blocks of white on a scarf....even in mousseline it's touch and go on me.

    Love this thread though. I should add one of my stories here. There was a particularly nasty emergency meeting few months ago of some people in our tango community and I've been part of it for a long time so one of the founders asked me to show up since he knew it was going to be nasty (and it was...the drama literally went on for months...). So I wore "leather armor" (my black leather vest) under my more business looking jacket and PdS because I wasn't going to take no ish... Don't ask me how I tied that. I love it but have not been able to do it again. :crybaby:

  15. Thanks @bunnycat it was on the tip of my tongue and I just couldn't recall the name. The lines of that scarf wear very well, it looked lovely.
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