Scarves Power Scarves--scarves that could run the meeting all by themselves

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  1. This fascinating reflection not only surprised me (I too would have been nervous about the scarf's being off-putting in your context), but it also showed me something about myself.

    Even after all these pages of hints (e.g., @Ladybaga's students getting so much enjoyment from her scarves), I hadn't realized how much of my discussion of my own use of power scarves, even in fun, is adversarial. Perhaps I need to look at that. This kind and generous approach to the power scarf--based on respect and generosity of spirit--is humbling to me.

    I think most of us like our viewer to have some feelings of aesthetic pleasure when looking at an attractive accessory (even if we also occasionally want them to fear our wrath at the same time), but I didn't think of taking it farther to the scarf's actually reassuring or imparting courage to the viewer, building trust and enlisting their aid in solving problems together. I was thinking only of me me me, give me all the power.

    Don't get me wrong--"me me me give me all the power" is a useful tool, and I will love my brass-knuckles Vif Argent forever. But it doesn't have to be first tool I always reach for.

    If only everybody's IEP meetings were filled entirely with such kind, thoughtful, and savvy professionals as you seem to be. And your FV is truly gorgeous. That design, in various CWs, keeps cropping up in this thread. Very interesting . . .
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  2. I generally don't need a power scarf, but scarves are also great ice breakers. Quirky or interesting "scarf scenery" usually gets some interest from people, which can also help you connect with a person and open a line of communication you might not have had. Helpful when you need something done but don't want to be bossy. Find a common topic and make a friend. Easier to get things done that way.
  3. Aha, very smart -- and appropriate in just about any context (unlike the clove cigarettes I mentioned in MYH's thread, which used to serve that function for me in bars back in the day). My scarves don't break nearly enough ice, I think: maybe I need to step up my quirky-scarf-scenery game. Might be just the justification I need to get an H Comme Hermes.

    You have to admit, though, that you have a knack for a gavroche that not all of us have. And the way you wear that La Rosee would make just about anyone wish they were your friend.
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  4. :heart: Fantastic, right there with you at every word
  5. I will wear my Versailles to my kid’s IEP appt and if I see you there in yours, we will film a movie about it and make millions over our meet-cute.
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  6. I totally agree! My students love my Pierre Marie ones. Maison de Carre and Potigere Extraordinare are in regular rotation. The funny thing is, they notice when I don't wear one.
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  7. Lol- I sooo wish that were true! Scarves help leaven my exhausted I-haven't-slept-enough days when I prone to slip quickly in to sarcasm.

    :roflmfao: That would be awesome!
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  8. This is a generous sharing of your personal insight. :hugs: Thank you for this post, Belphoebe.

    I began wearing silk scarves when I was younger -- inspired by the older, more accomplished women I worked with and admired. I didn't wear scarves thinking they conveyed power (wasn't even into H scarves then). I wore scarves because doing so was a personal joy and a reminder to be my best self and to be a good example to others. Decades later, I am pleased to say I work with young women colleagues who are developing not just a good work ethic, but also a good sense of style. Are they somehow inspired by all the confident, scarf-wearing women at work? Possibly. Hopefully for the better! So, if even in the most subtle of ways, my H scarves and I have encouraged young colleagues to take pride in their appearance and work, I can say that a power of these beautiful scarves is their ability to inspire and influence.
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  9. That'd be me. If I am not wearing a scarf, everyone is like "Where's you scarf???? Are you sick or something???" :P
  10. This is me, too. Also, I’ve become so used to seeing a scarf around my neck that when I don’t wear one, I suddenly think my neck looks thin and delicate.
  11. I feel under dressed..... :roflmfao:
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  12. Belphoebe, I’m so glad you started this thread; so much food for thought! I don’t usually want all the power (I have a pretty collaborative personality) but I often want to give off a “you have no power over me” vibe (any “Labyrinth”, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly fans out there?!?) and my H scarves help me feel that so I can project it.
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  13. I believe we are in the same profession and I know exactly what you mean. I always have some H on for every’s my secret superpower
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  14. I've been noticing a few more H scarves showing up around my "nicer biz-casual" workplace. On people I don't regularly see, so doubtful it is my influence. But a welcomed trend! :smile:
  15. That would be the best! And then we could go out for a reviving drink and scarf-comparison, after (I love your posts; your collection is fantastic)! Least-acrimonious IEP, best deployment of H power scarf bonding ever!
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