Power Outage Doesn't Stop Coach Love! <3

  1. :heart:I have been a little MIA from tPF this week because of an ice storm and no power since Monday! I went to stay @ my mom's and her's went out yesterday too!

    Went home just now to get another change of clothes, check mail, etc and my *Coach package* had arrived! Bright spot in my dark house!:yes:

    I ordered the very cute new signature pink/red flower charm for PCE and it arrived today. I think it will look beautiful on my other PCE purchase- wine Bleecker duffle!!!

    Wish I could show pics (the stock photo doesn't do justice!) but 1) I'm at work and 2)my memory card is full- no way to download my pics at home!)

    I'll post pics when I can, but I had to rip into the package immediately- no cute reaveal pics of the tattersall box, pink ribbon, etc. You'll have to use your imagination on that part!

    I just saw ranskimmie's post on ~PINK fanatasies~ maybe the signature pink/red flower charm is a hint at what's to come!

    Pray for power- hopefully I'll be able to check back in a few days! (with PICS!)
  2. I am in Tulsa too and today the coach store finally opened again!!! YAY!!! I hope you get your electricity back soon, luckily ours stayed but our fence did not live through it all. We also had half a tree fall on our house! Gotta love Oklahoma, huh? The ice storm last year was alot more fun!
  3. Norman here. It's such a pain! Would have been worse if the roads were slick! The trees look awful! My tree didn't lose too many limbs, but my neighbor's trees were all over my front and back yard!
  4. Yay for Coach goodies that can brighten your day!! I hope your power comes back on soon......be safe!!
  5. Congrats, hope the power gets back on soon!
  6. I heard about the storm on the news, that's terrible. Well I'm here in California facing a drought. We need the rain and snow!!!
  7. Congrats cutecoachgirl.. and hope everything is OK:tup:
  8. I heard about the storm on the news too, glad that you're doing ok! Coach can brighten anyones day:heart:
  9. Yeah, I heard OU even cancelled! I am just happy that my teachers did finals early, otherwise I would have had to cancel my trip to NYC next week!