Power blush

  1. I would like a new blush. I am fond of the pink family. What is your favorite?:blush:
  2. NARS Amour
  3. NARS Deep throat - I guess its more peach then pink. But I love this blush, in fact all NARS blushes are worth a try IMO. Also Chanel have some pretty pink blushes, dont remember the name though.
  4. I like Tarte's and Clinique's gel blush. I always get the one that looks more red, because once you apply it it's a nice flushed pink sort of colour.
  5. I love MAC Pink Swoon. It's very pink, but very sheer so you only need to use a small amount and it looks lovely. Suits my colouring well. Benefit Dandelion is another very pink, quite subtle one. I also recently purchased Lancome Magie Blush, it's has a creamy air-whipped texture. I got it in Rose Zephir, which is again very pink with a hint of sparkle.
  6. Nars Orgasm is universally flattering.
  7. I use Nars orgasm with chanel reflex
  8. My favorite new blush (my go to blush of the moment) is a Cargo Suedeblush in Gold Coast. I always put on a blush followed by a highlighter which is generally Bobbi Brown bronze shimmer brick. There are two other suedeblush colors and they are definitely on my list.

  9. Yep, it is great!
  10. i lovelovelove NARS Orgasm!
  11. I was a devoted fan of Loreal's Blush Delice in Raspberry Sorbet, but it ws discontinued... :crybaby: I finally found a good replacement, though, in Pout's Apricot Toddy. It's a really bright peachy-pink that works perfect with my skin tone.
  12. Nars Orgasm isn't pink, though. But it's definitely nice!

    For pink, I just use Benefit Dandelion powder, it shows up on my cheeks without being too madeup.
  13. LOVE Nars Orgasm!!:tup:
  14. I use MAC Gingerly. It is a deeper, warm pink. It looks great on olive and tan skin.
  15. i heard great things about Nars Orgasm.

    I have Benefit's Dallas blush which is a plum color and I absolutely loooooove it! since you like pink, I'd suggest Benefit Dandelion. It lasts the whole day, which surprised me!