powderpuff100 are you ok??

  1. i read about the tornadoes in florida, i don't know if you live in the affected area, i hope everything it's fine with you and the girls living there!(fendihunter?):s :sad:
  2. oh yea all the lovely FL girls! Hope all is well :heart:
  3. Tornados were in Central Florida near the Orlando area.:s

    She is in the Keys...verrrry far from Orlando:smile:
  4. I'm fine and thank you for asking. :love: I wonder if we have any PF girls in the central Florida. It was around the Lakeland, Orlando area. We don't have many tonadoes down here. They're rare because there is no land to keep fueling them. However we do have water spouts and those sometimes move in, but once they hit land they usually just dump lots of water and dissipate. They have been known to sink boats as they dump the water they have sucked up and it's scary when you are out in the boat and see one moving toward you. :wtf:
    I hope any PF central FL girls are okay.
  5. I'm okey dokey ladies. I'm in Miami so I'm very far away from where they touched down. I do know a couple of members that live in the Orlando area. I hope they're allright too. I'll be praying for everyone...
  6. OMG! i hope everyone's ok!!!
  7. I didnt hear about this probably becuase I live in England but I hope all Floridians are ok!!!