Powder Foundation - Foundation and Powder in one

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  1. Do you recommend these products? Is a loose finishing powder still necessary being that the foundation already has powder in it? How is the coverage and do you recommend any specific brands? I have combo skin, oily in the T zone. Thanks.:heart:
  2. Anyone? NARS? Chanel? MAC?
  3. I have the same type of skin that you do and I use a powder foundation from Chanel, Purete Mat shine control powder. You can control how much coverage with the sponge. I don't need a finishing powder when I use this. I don't like a heavy coverage from a foundation so this is perfect for me.​
  4. I love powder foundation, it's my fave type of foundation. My top picks are Lancome Dual Finish and MAC Studio Fix.

    Loose finishing powder isn't necessary, but I guess you could use it if you wanted to. I never have though.

    Coverage is excellent, esp. with Studio Fix. But you have to be careful or you can overdo it. I use a sponge to apply it on the areas where I need more coverage, and a brush to apply it everywhere else so it doesn't look too heavy.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Thanks girls!

    I admit to being hesitant about MAC's b/c so many have complained of breakouts with it. Do they give out samples? I know Chanel does.
  6. MAC Studio Fix
  7. I use the chanel one, I love it!
  8. I try so many before such as MAC, Clinique, Estee, Clarins, Dior, Laura Mercier, Biotherm, Lancome, Shiseido......

    :yes::yes::yes: MAC gave me a terrible breakouts :crybaby:. You know I looked so great for only a day and the next day my face was terrible. I recommended Chanel ( with SPF 10 or 15 I cannot remember exactly). It's very nice and works well with combination skin but its smell not so nice :rolleyes:. Anyway, love it and it is my favorite.

    Biotherm in Asian version is also nice.
    Shiseido gave me more shiny face.
    Dior is quite good too but I like the Chanel package better.
  9. I use MAC Studio Fix. I like it, but you have to be very careful not to put too much on because it will look chalky. I use a brush because if I use the sponge it looks really heavy. It also tends to oxidize quickly which I like because after about 30 minutes it looks natural. I haven't tried any other brands because I have very yellow undertones and I'm scared to shell out money for something that won't match me as well as MAC.
  10. Chanel Double Perfection Compacte, has less coverage than Studio Fix but it doesn't cause breakouts as much. If you have no blemishes I would recommend Giorgio Armani Silk Powder Foundation, hast the smoothest texture but minimal coverage. You could also try mineral makeup (Bare Minerals from iD or Everyday Minerals)
  11. I love MAC studio fix but I know that it breaks a lot of people out because of the cilicone in it.

    Armani powder foundation was beautiful and light but limited color selection

    I love Shiseido's

    Dio's is good but it's better for people w/ normal to dryish skin as is the Clarins

    Aveda makes a great PF
  12. I am happy with the Dior powder foundation. But I still like foundation with a little bit of la mer powder. It's the best. My friend uses Mac powder foundatin and she really likes it as well.
  13. I love powder foundations - they're fast and provide good coverage. I've tried most of them, and my staples are Cahenl's Double Perfection Compact and Shu Uemura Velvet Perfect. Both are in the same price range.
  14. I just went in and tried them all - and though I loved Chanel and Dior my favorite was Shiseido's! Anyone else try it? It's amazing.
  15. I have combo/oily skin and use MAC Studio Fix. I haven't had any breakouts from it and I wear it pretty much daily.