Powder for Oily skin??

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  1. I've never suffered from a shiny face before, but just recently my skin becomes really really shiny after about an hour after putting my make up on.

    I havent changed my skin care routine or my foundation, so i'm confused as to why my skins suddenly changed!

    Anybody got any suggestions for a really good powder, either pressed or loose, that would help my skin to appear less shiny?
  2. Maybe it's the weather change. It's getting warmer around here and my skin has been getting oilier too. Anyway, I recommend MAC Blot Powder.
  3. ^^ Have to Ditto MAC Blot (pressed)...I dont' think the loose does as good a job.

    also - good old $4 Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets work well for me too!
  4. Clay masks help draw out the excess oil. And while this continues, I would switch moisterizers to something either oil free, or like with me, gel and serum based.

    If it stays chronic, ProActive makes a mask that is like none other and will really shut down overproductive oil glands.
  5. i use covergirl outlast pressed powder compacts. i have the same problem as you! you can try using queen helene's mint julep masque. it's really cheap and works wonders for soaking up oil!
  6. I have oily Tspots like my nose and chin and when i wear my make up that i wear during the week (MAC studio fix) It seems like it is cakey but its easy.

    THE BEST make up in the whole wide world is BareMinerals. It stays on, doesnt rub off on clothes, makes me look refreshing and not cakey and doesnt feel like its dripping off. It feels sooooooooo light. I swear! hehe. The best way to order it is over the phone instead of going to like, Sephora or Ulta or any make up stores that sell it. You get a better deal and get locked into the price you buy it for and you can have more sent to you when needed for the price you originally bought it for. Good luck
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions!!

    I've just ordered the MAC powder, just have to see if it works!
  8. Either it is because of the weather or hormones. Have you tried oil blotting paper? You don't even have to keep applying powder, just wipe your face with these and it takes away the shine
  9. thanks to those who suggested the MAC powder, i recieved it yesterday and its fantastic! My skin wasnt shiny after being in makeup all day!!
  10. You can use a mask made with Fullers Earth. I used to have oily skin but it's changed to normal now that I'm older I guess....I don't know....lol. I used to use Fuller's Earth (buy it from MountainRoseHerbs.com) and it works wonders and really helps to brighten your skin also.

    I still get oily a little in my tzone and for that I use Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. I've found there is nothing better. I don't wear a lot of makeup and especially don't wear heavy liquid makeup..so the Bare Escentual line works for me and the Mineral Veil is one of my favorites. HTH
  11. Try the bareEssentuals line of powders. Because of the minerals in the product you don't have to worry about irritation to your skin. I love this beauty line.:heart: