Pout "Plump" -- does it work?

  1. I would like to try a product that will make my lips look fuller and I've been toying with the idea of buying Pout's "Plump". The only drawback is the price ($30 a pop, USD) -- it's pretty steep for a gloss that comes in such a small tube.

    So, has anyone tried it and have had success with it?

    Are their any other similar products out there that will do the job for less money?

    Thanks, in advance.
  2. I have it and been using it, unfortunately, it doesn't do that great of a job making your lips look fuller.

    It's a great lip gloss nontheless though. You do kind of feel the tinkling feeling after you put it on and the colors are amazing.
  3. I've tried them all...none of them work :sad: Imagine the kazillions someone could make if they actually marketed the stuff!!
  4. nothing works but collegen...it gives a great result.
  5. Hmmm I'm sorry I dunno which one you are talking about...

    but I've tried something called :Venom... those tiny pink things on the counter shelves at Sephora and my lips swelled up enough for my husband to think I had an allergic reaction!!

    Have you tried Lip-fusion? It's on the expensive side, but I tried it on before leaving the store and voila my lips were full and plump!
  6. I have all 6 of the pout plump colours! I think they are amazing. They give a subtle 'plump' and I feel that you can definitely tell a difference. I love the smell and the texture of them too. They are really great and I would recommend them.
    I also have lipfusion and it is also good, though I do prefer the pout plump.
    A fab lip plump is the freeze 24/7 plump. It is amazing and gives more plump than the pout one, although I love them both. xx
  7. can i buy lip-fusion at sephora?
  8. thank you, ladies, for your comments and suggestions!
  9. yup they sell it at Sephora~
  10. TRY LIP FUSION! Works way better.

    DONT TRY LIP VENOM -- made me cry (literally)
  11. I use Two Faced Lip Injection ^_^ and that is the only one I use.
  12. i dont mind DuWop Lip Venom... i have it in Tulip... at first it feels really tingly but u get used to it... the trick is to not use heaps, i usually apply the tiniest amount to the tip of my finger and put it on like that.
  13. Hmm.. no wonder it hurted. My sister in law made me apply tons! No wonder they were laughing when I was plopping that stuff on my lips ;[
  14. I already have full lips so I don't know if it works but the peppermint scent is wonderful, so I use it as a lip conditioner because it makes my lips extremely smooth.

    I tried Too Faced Lip Injection and it burned my lips so bad they went numb for a while. :cry:
  15. But when i used it.it Seem to work on my lip i bought mine for 18.99:tup: