Poussiere in Taurillon Clemence

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  1. TammyD, Poussiere intrigues me to no end. I love it in croc and wish for one but it's so hard to get one. Sigh. That's a conquest I think I will need months or years to achieve.

    If you look at nyfashionexpert's other listings, she too has a Parchmein in Clemence for comparison.

    Below are Clemence swatches I snapped from her listings:-

    Parchmein Vs Poussiere

    Credit: nyfashionexpert

    I think these colours are very close to colours IRL because they were both taken under natural lighting.

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  2. And yes, it's a new colour. Hermes has the trend of introducing new colours in Clemence before other skins. Experimental.

    I can't wait for Hermes to make Poussiere in Togo. :love:
  3. Thanks MrsS! I'm into creams at the moment, and poussiere looks like a more manageable color for me than parchemin.
  4. I saw a Poussiere bag in clemence; there is a green undertone to it in person that can't quite be captured in pictures. Parchemin is much more of a "cream."
  5. I agree with teswa. Seen this colour on an Evelyne - it has a hint of khaki in it.
  6. Saw a Poussiere in Clemence IRL and it is like mustard with a little green in it. Not at all like Parchemin. In fact, Poussiere in Clemence is nothing like Poussiere Croc (as in star's pictures), Poussiere in Croc is closer to Parchemin in the regular leathers.
  7. Poussiere is a little dirty-looking to me, unfortunately (it isn't called dust for nothing! :lol:). Even poussiere in matt croc did not exactly look inspiring, so much so that I passed on it. I do agree with ms piggy there is there slightest hint of khaki in it.
  8. Thanks ladies~! I need to go look at a swatch quickly.
  9. Poussiere is more yellowly/khaki undertone, while I think parchemin looks really creamy to me, closer to vanilla. I have seen both in clemence...tough call to make, but I prefer the Poussiere in the larger sizes. In the smaller size, parchemin looks nice as well.
  10. I concur with hermesmonkey's call Poussiere would be a better colour in large sizes (35 Birkin / 32 Kelly) as compared to Parchemin which would be easier to maintain in smaller bags. I also suspect Poussiere would look nicer in Togo.
  11. wow, I loved star's poussiere croc but in clemence not so much. It's amazing how the same color could look so different on different skins.

    Does parchement come in croc? or just blanc?
  12. TammyD, H at Taka has a Poussiere Lindy. Call to see if it's still there, you could go have a look.
  13. I flipped through the leather swatches the other day and looked for poussiere (sp) specifically. I've been so taken by Star's croc that I wanted to scratch and sniff, so to speak.
    Clemence had a distinct greenish undertone to it.
  14. I've ordered a Birkin in this color. I can't wait to receive it! When I saw the swatch, it just complimented every color swatch. I knew it would work for me.