Pourpre SGH or Rouge Vermillion SGH???

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm new to the tpf..I've been lurking in this forum for quite awhile and have gotten so much useful info from you guys:P I'm about to get my very first BBAG, and it comes down to Poupre SGH and Rouge Vermillion SGH..to be honest I am not a RED person ..as in clothing, and I don't have a RED bag either. But until one day I went to a Balenciaga store and saw Sang IRL I really felt like it was love at first sight..then I looked into other reds that Balenciaga also offers..poupre and vermillion are so beautiful and vibrant..please help me decide! I'm 5'9 and slim..I'm not sure how a PT would look on me? Pleaseee it would be very helpful if you guys can help me decide! Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. ps. Poupre SGH in PT an RV SGH in CITY :P
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    Wow, lucky you with your height!

    Appearance-wise, PT would be fine on you: not too big at all, plus you can carry it cross-body if you like.

    City is also great, if you don't carry too much, can be worn at night as it is slightly smaller than the PT, and if don't care for the cross-body option.

    Another factor that will decide between PT and City for you is whether you need the extra space that the PT affords you, compared to the City.

    However, colour-wise, it's a bit of a toss-up between the following:
    (1) do you like punch and zing in your red (Rouge Vermillion) or
    (2) do you prefer your red to be subdued (Pourpre)?

    For me personally, I LOVE the Rouge Vermillion, because it is such a clear, vibrant, orange-based red, hasn't been released again by Bal for ages now, and looks great with neutrals and jeans. I also love it because I can wear it with pretty much all the colours of the rainbow, or with a white T and blue (light or dark) jeans and tan or mocha sandles, and I won't feel like a flag (red, white and blue) as it has more orange in it than Pourpre, or pair it with my olive green jeans and white T-shirt and I won't feel like the colours of Christmas:smile:

    Pourpre may be a better first Bal bag if you are looking for a much more subdued effect.

    Ultimately, the most important and only thing to think about when deciding between the two bags you are thinking of is, get the one that you adore looking at and will use!
  4. Wow, thanks, SkyBlueDay, for such a complete reply:biggrin: IMO both colors are amazing, but Pourpre is probably abit more everyday than RV, I've read threads about how PT is too "east-west" for alot of people, and it's quite "big", I'm tall and not the curvy type :S so I don't know if a PT will look too inbalanced toward my figure?? Also, I'm trying to find pictures of people carrying their RV but I can't find any :sad: