pourpre pouchette and new galet clutch

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  1. hey everyone...i went to balny today and ended up with some goodies:smile: Introducing my pourpre pouchette (they just recieved the first few pieces in pourpre on friday) and my galat ggh clutch.

    pourpre is such a great red! it reminds me of rouge theater-it's more of a berry type of red...not so in your face

    Here is a picture without flash
  2. i'm trying to upload the picture with flash and of the galat ggh clutch...but it won't let me for some reason...sorry guys!
  3. oh it's such a beautiful cool toned red!
  4. It's beautiful, many congrats!!! Can't wait to see the clutch.
  5. love that color with the sgh!!!!
  6. i'm trying to upload the picture of the clutch but it won't let me cut and paste it on to the thread from photobucket or my computer...anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Interesting! Every photo I've seen of this color looks different?! This one is like a dark magenta! Nice!
  8. lovely pochette!! the color looks very nice in this pic. darker than i imagined it would be. have to see it irl. enjoy it!
  9. Beautiful Pochette. I really like the GSH on it. Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. That is absolutely beautiful. I must have something in this Pourpre color!
  11. I know! Now I'm excited for my pourpre pencil!!! I wish it was august already?!
  12. That clutch is so so cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow that color is just breath taking Congrats
  14. This pochette style is just too cute! Congrats, it is lovely. I like your Galet GGH clutch in the other thread too. :smile:
  15. Love, love, love your clutch. I think this color is beautiful!