Pourpre or Tempete ?

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    SOOOOOOOOO sorry~ I asked you about tempete, and I decided to buy this color and finally I still can't get one.....

    After a long traveling I came back home yesterday, I saw Erica post the Pourpre.
    I think this color likes the feeling of DIOR GAUCHO bag, deep red, hard to ruin~maybe...and I think red GGH is best~Can't wait to see..................

    I saw many girls got Tempete B bags
    I think RH is as beautifu as GSH~~

    please help me to decide
    I need a bag for everyday use ~


    My Galet twiggy is still in her dust bag, I think this color is easy to ruin~~~I am a careless one~~
    and if someone still want to see Galet Twiggy ~Please tell me~THANK U~

    My English is poor...sorry.
  2. since u already have a galet which is greyish.. tempete has grey tones to it.. so i stongly suggest u get the poupre for something diff! its still so beautiful anyways so i vote for poupree!!
  3. thank you dear jacmarcella~you always give me useful suggestions~
    and i want to know do you get your tempete now?
  4. i prefer pourpre too;) go for it
  5. After seeing the pictures you just posted, poupre is such a beautiful and different red than any other so thats where my vote goes:smile: GGH would be stunning with this color!
  6. ..GET one and think of the next....
    I m not sure which color to buy...and dear chloeglamour your BLACK ggh WORK makes me crazy....
  7. thank you dear b purse..
    and which style of this new red do you want to get ?
  8. I prefer tempete over pourpre, if you can find one with great leather. I have heard some tempetes are dry and blah.
  9. Pourpre gets my vote.
  10. I have a Ruby First. And I love how it add colors to the outfit.

    So my vote goes to Pourpre...
  11. I vote for Pourpre! I love the reddish color! Though Tempete is a good color as well and matches with almost everything!
  12. POURPRE!!!!!!!!:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  13. ^^^ Now that we've seen Pourpre, its POURPRE!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  14. I'd prefer Tempete for everyday use. But that also depend on your wardrobe too. ;) Sorry, I'm no help here. I just saw pix of Pourpre and I'm so want to be jump off my ban. ;) BTW, I have Tempete and it's just stunning. I love mine a lot.
  15. I love tempete! i think it's a great everyday color, goes with anything.