pourpre in bal london yet?

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  1. hello everyone!

    i love pourpre RH city! does anyone know if it's in yet at Bal London? Im heading there on Wed!!! :smile: TIA!
  2. It isn't but there yet but it might be by wednesday ;)
  3. Still no Pourpre in London?? :pout:
  4. No :pout:
  5. nooo!! it wasnt when i was there last wed :sad:(((((
  6. STILL NO POURPRE??!??!! sigh...
  7. No ... :hysteric:
  8. When will it be in do you think? I really want my envelope clutch in that colour.. I'm gonna email them again..
  9. Please report back if they say when they are expecting to get it. I'm beginning to think we have to wait untill September.
  10. ^^ Yes please report back!!

    I actually emailed them couple weeks ago, reserving some Pourpre. But who knows whether they'll get back to me since its an international order. Can't wait for Pourpre to be in stores! Its August already! :woohoo:Quick!!!
  11. omg! absolutely T D F. i saw one of these pourpre first in balenciaga bangkok! not quite a small bags girl, but i neeeeeeed a City RH in pourpre!!!
  12. I hope they have some left when I visit them in mid September - sounds like you ladies may have pre-ordered all of them :biggrin:
  13. Me trying to get a Pourpre First from Bal London but apparently they said they have sold out (?) not too sure about that but will check with them again.
  14. I emailed them last week and they did have it in. Only in the work, city and partime in the RH. I want to hold out for the GH...
    They're selling out fast...