POUPETTELUXE is getting more LV items by the minute!

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  1. are all the bags auth?
  2. ^^^ They are not inspected personally by poupette but MPRS are automatically allowed to sell on poupette's site. As always, no matter what site or seller, ask for lots of info and pics.
  3. don't trust blindly ladies, same game, new name. you know what to look for, use that knowledge for the good of yourselves.
  4. ^^^ ALL PFers are strongly encouraged to post ANY items in the Authenticate This LV thread for review... :yes:

    With the new eBay restrictions on sellers from Asia, it will be interesting to know where they are going to go to sell their merchandise...
  5. wooo~ nice site
  6. Good for them. I hope it continues to grow and grow. Angie did something nobody else was doing...She required her auction sellers to be accountable for selling authentic product only. Something Ebay is only now getting around to do.
  7. I hope they can keep up with allowing only authentic sellers on the site. I liked looking through the page every so often.
  8. At least we now know where to find our sellers after eBay bans them from selling on the USA site...*sigh* it's so sad. I really don't like using poupetteluxe.
  9. If we register, what is the 'promotion code' section for? :confused1:
  10. On the reg form, it says "Promotion code:" - I have no idea what that means, you may want to contact poupette and inquire
  11. thanks for the info, addy! :biggrin:
  12. If it makes anyone feel better, Angie does a good job with screening sellers. When I requested to sell, I had to fax her my drivers license, give valid cc # (with my name) and have a phone interview, as well as a few other things. I feel confident that she is working with trust-worthy sellers. As everyone has mentioned, it is always good to double check just in case.
  13. I have been checking on this site every day ! I do not mind getting used purse for every day use ~~~