1. All...

    The other day someone posted this site:


    They have some items I like...

    Has anyone purchased from them? If yes, please explain your experience.

  2. They offer Authentic Used Items.. but with ANY SITE other than Eluxury please post a pic in the authenticate forum for assurance.:yes:
  3. Oh goodie! I got a response!

    How do I go about doing that? (Posting in the authentication page)?

    I appreciate all help!

    Thanks amamxr
  4. If you see something you like just cut and paste the thread in the authentication forum and John5, Lee or Addy will reply.
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  5. You just go to Louis Vuitton Shopping, and you will see there is a thread with Authenticate this Louis Vuitton for the title. Just post the picture in that thread and someone will help u to authenticate the bag.

    Welcome to the forum =)
  6. Thanks for everything! Gosh I love this place...
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome and good luck finding what your looking for! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks again...
  10. I've gotten a lot of stuff there and great deals. Just purchased a groom charm for 25$ cheaper off retail (This was because the hardware is supposedly scratched but its so small no one notices). This is a mypoupette site so you are getting access to mypoupette sellers.
  11. Thanks Sakura...
  12. Welcome!! You will love it here!:yes:
  13. Welcome!!! I've never purchased from there, but they mostly sell authentic. I did hear of one case where someone got a fake, though...so for extra assurance, go to the authenticate this thread just in case. :yes:
  14. I am an "approved" seller on that site. If it helps your peace of mind, I was heavily screened prior to getting the green light to sell. I had to fax my drivers license, as well as a copy of my cc, among other things, as well as a phone interview.

    However, I do agree with Amamxr. It is always nice to have that second opinion from the experts on this board. You can never be too careful.

    Good luck and welcome to the board!!
  15. Hi, I ever sold LV graffiti speedy there & could tell you that before become a seller, I've to follow much instructions & get patrol by Angie-the owner of Poupetteluxe-MyPoupette.com :yes: to guarantee that I only sell 100% AUTHENTIC & if I violate it, my buyer will get refund including all the fees she spent to purchase my item. Refund charges direct by Angie from my credit card. It's all the term I know :smile: