Poupette sellers spoiling our fun?

  1. Is it just me?

    I've been watching the auctions for quite a few of my fave sellers for the last few months and I'm noticing a huge move by all the trustworthy sellers to doing BIN auctions without bothering to run a bidding auction!

    I tend to buy from only proven sources such as MyPoupette or ALVA sellers etc, based on being more assured of getting an authentic than not. Over a period of time I've noticed that they have been putting more and more items to BIN and less and less to auction.

    Now before anyone shoots me down with a hot flaming response :boxing: I know they run a 'business' and need to make a profit but I finally put my finger on what's been making me feel lower and lower recently - I can't actually bid and enjoy the chase of the hunt and it's associated emotions of success or failure anymore!

    At this rate I may as well just buy in store. I even saw an auction today for a bag where the seller had BIN'd it and was asking $30 more than either eLux or Vuitton.com for crying out loud - both of whom had it in stock even though the sales blurb said it was a sold out item and for VIPs only!!!

    All of a sudden, buying LV has become less of a thrill and more of a lucky dip - will the ones I'm interested in actually auction or just be a consignment store on eBay?

    Wish I had an answer. Sorry to moan but it's that or stab my poor DH and he's tiptoeing around at the moment anyway!:cursing::s
  3. I have noticed that for other items as well. I guess they hope to get purchasers who have not done their homework.
  4. ITA! Its getting ridiculous - before I bought my Neverfull MM in the LV store, I was looking on ebay hoping to bid and get a "good deal," but the only seller I felt comfortable buying from (good reputation for authenticity), had it listed on ebay for about $100 more than LV or elux was selling it for. I just gave up and went to the store. Don't get me wrong now, I always enjoy a shopping trip to Lv, but I really am starting to miss that excitement and thrill of finding a good deal on ebay, you are right on! :hysteric:
  5. And that's it in a nutshell - you said exactly what I wanted to but better! :tup:

    Surely one of the key things about bidding in an auction is that you go just a little bit nuts and end up paying more than you thought you would / should? We get the thrill of doing something silly yet fun and the seller gets more than we intended to pay.

    I just don't understand the mentality of the sellers - especially when they can put a reserve on the auction so they ensure they never sell at a loss!

    :cursing: I'm going to sit on my sofa and mumble about people spoiling my fun now! Should be good for a sympathy hug or two at home anyway!
  6. I think it's also because a lot of resellers are getting their stock from other people selling on ebay. Sometimes they don't get a good deal, so they have to list a BIN for a higher price. I just lost an auction to who I thought was a reseller and if it was, the price they list that bag for isn't going to be worth it.
  7. Guys, the Ebay rules have changed in a HUGE way to make things a lot harder on sellers, plus they raised the sellers' fees. I know I have only sold a couple of LV items on Ebay and I may not be selling any more because of the new constraints.
  8. ebay is not good ot use anymore..:tdown:
  9. cos ebay is making some new constraints which diverts many ebay users to poupette sellers
  10. Well if ebay is no good anymore, where will can sellers sell their items and buyers get a good deal??