Poupette Luxe Auctions?

  1. Hello- I tried searching the thread topics, but couldn't find anything so I apologize if this is repeated.

    Does anyone have experience purchasing from Poupette Luxe Auctions? How are they as far as authenticity is concerned? Reputable?

  2. Isn't poupetteluxe now called Imagechic.com?
    There are some threads on imagechic...
  3. Oh, you're right, it is! Thanks!
  4. I love imagechic.com
  5. Imagechic.com is legit. :tup:
  6. Yaaay! I love skulking about for quality second hand LV! I'm glad they're a legit site! Anyone have any input on Java Girl who sells quite a bit there and on eBay?

    John - thank you for being so deligent on answering questions, you're my LV go to guy!

  7. Yes, click imagechic.com

    I never purchased item from that site but I sometimes visit and see LV auctions there. So far, the items are look ok.
  8. Poupette-luxe.com use to be the old auction site, new one is name as www.imagechic.com
    There are not as much items as eBay, but sure you can get 100% Authentic from the seller. Good Luck. :p