1. Hi ladies,

    I was told by my SA that the color truest to the pink that I want is "Poudre", not "Rose Dragee". Does anyone has an Hermes bag in this color, and does anyone know if it comes in togo or swift? Thanks!!
  2. Other than clemeance, I mean.
  3. The poudre I've seen isn't pink, Tammy.
  4. No? I thought there is no French term equivalent for pink except "poudre". My French is failing me. I'm referring to the baby pink that one can SO, but not rose indienne or dragee. Do you know what it is called, Grands Fonds?
  5. Tammy, no, I don't. Hmmm......the only other colour I know that has a hint of pink is beige-rose. Lilach may know more. There is an Hermes baby pink in croc, but as far as I know, it's only available in watch straps...but it's a true baby pink croc.
  6. The poudre swatch at my store is pale off-white/grey. Here's a pic (CDL) of poudre in croc....this is similar to the swatch I've seen, but ours was slightly paler:
    poudre - porosus croc.jpg
  7. Ooh sounds gorgeous!
  8. Thanks GF!!
    Is Poudre a beige color then? I could've sworn she meant pink.

    Gosh. I need help. Fast. I've got to call back and change my description within the day.
  9. what leather, Tammy?
  10. Thanks for the pic GF, gorgeous colour!
  11. OK, I think the only "pale pink" tone in swift is rose dragee....there IS that funny colour that looks like beige-rose in clemence, that my SA calls "rose naturale"....also comes in ostrich, I think? (I may be incorrect). I haven't seen alll the new colours yet...I know there's teo new pinks - a coral and a darkish pink, but neither of those are pale.....hmmm.......did the SA have a swatch of poudre? Perhaps it IS slightly pink in certain leathers? Our swatch was clemence, and that looked like the CDL pic.
  12. No probs, Nola! Isn't it GORGEOUS in croc?
  13. It works so good with croc!
  14. GF - in clemeance. I'm trying to do an SO over the phone and this is getting complicated cos I want a pink this time. I can't see any swatches cos I'm calling Paris! No it's not a light pink. She showed me rose dragee when I was in Paris and I didn't like it. I want a truer, baby pink. I said, "comme le poudre de bébé, je vous savez?" And I ended up with Poudre.
  15. ahhhh...ok, Lilach is online now - hopefully she can help!