Poudre in Deer Skin

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  1. Hello ladies and gents! I have a strange question for you all. Would you say poudre in deer skin is more of a pink color or purple color? I brought my bag (poudre in deer skin) to several people and asked them. I've gotten different answers from all of them:

    - pink but gray
    - purplish pink
    - dusty rose
    - purple
    - lavender
    - mauve

    Poudre means powder in French, but I don't think the bag looks powder-ish to me (I keep thinking of off-white whenever someone says powder). In your opinion, how would you classify Poudre in deer skin? TIA
  2. The Poudre color I saw at the store looks like a very light pink color. Ms Piggy has the Cocker bag in poudre. Maybe she can help.
  3. I would say dusty pink. A light/powdery dusty pink.
  4. I would describe it as a dusty rose with a gray cast to it. I have a deerskin tote in Poudre.
  5. hmm, i would say a dusty rose with a hint of greyish purple =P

    i have a deerskin tote as well in poudre
  6. It seems like a recurring theme with BV's seasonal colors--can't quite pigeonhole them with one description. I've heard poudre, old petra, and limo described in multiple, seemingly contradicting colors (greyish pink, purpleish brown, brownish purple), but the truth is that in different lights and leathers, they really DO look like different colors! That's what I love about BV's colors.
  7. So would you say poudre is pink or is it purple?

    I'm one of those people who has to peg it into one color or else I get frustrated (yeah I'm weird). That's why I can't do peach (are you pink or orange) or typical purple (are you blue or red). ^^;
  8. pink
  9. ^ditto
  10. Its light pink.. its a lovely pink btw :smile:
  11. I have the cocker in poudre, and agree that the colour is difficult to describe. I would have to agree with diana.
  12. Pink
  13. Thanks everyone!!

    Out of curiosity, how many here have the cocker? Actually, what styles do you guys have in the poudre deerskin? What other leather does poudre come in?
  14. I have the Cocker in Poudre. I have posted pics of it in the "BV Collections" thread.
  15. Just saw the pics. Absolutely gorgeous! Wah, I wish BV made more pinks and have more in stock. It's getting so much harder to get the pink bags now...

    Dang ladies, you have some killer collections. Mine's so small and measely (and I STILL hadn't gotten my Quarzo Montaigne back yet - only had it in my hands for a week before I had to send it back >_<).