Pouchy & Bowly on Ebay

  1. the pouchy is adorable

    the bowly sold with buy it now that was fast!!
  2. the pouchy is too cute but too pricey :graucho:
  3. Thanks for sharing! I think I like Bowly more than Pouchy.
  4. Can that Interior be anymore adorable??:love:

  5. I LOVE the interior.. wish it was so much $$
  6. I can't wait to get my bowly. not that polka dot version but the regualr denim :graucho:
  7. I saw the bowly yesterday.. it's huge!!!

    I think it retails at US$3450
  8. I LOVE the interior of the patchwork!!!
  9. Love both bags- thanks for posting
  10. VERY nice!
  11. were did you see the bowley.