1. Are there different strap variations for the mono pouchette? I was at a party and somone was carrying a pouchette, but the strap was a combination of leather and gold chain hardware.
  2. I saw that TODAY at the LV store in King of Prussia. I was too focused on my purchases to ask my SA but it definitely exists!!!
  3. I saw PFer's pic on visual aid with that pochette.
  4. I think you are talking about vernis sunset blvd; or mono with extra added chain
  5. pics anyone???
  6. Thank you for all the responses. I had seen the pouchette from a distance and wasn't sure if I was seeing things-- glad to hear there is such a strap. I like the looked of the leather/hardware mix.
  7. Probably somebody using something to lengthen the strap, like the keychain people use as an extender or some variation of that.

  8. Hi Kern, did you mean mixed like the Chanel straps or one part leather, one part hardware? I wonder if this is a new strap option that's available or a new pochette style altogether.:confused1:
  9. Yes, you could say that it is similar to that of Chanel. The gold hardware was on the ends and the leather was in the middle. (Probably 3" of each)
  10. That sounds like the Sunset Boulevard.
  11. Sounds like a mono Sophie to me.
  12. Or was it this....."Eva"

  13. The sunset blvd strap is closest to the strap I saw on the mono pouchette. I checked my 2006 LV catalog, and I didn't see the strap in there. Next time I go into my local LV store, I'll have to ask about it.

    Thank you for everyone's help.
  14. ^^Hmm, ok, then I think that is the mono pochette with a gold chain extender:smile: