Pouchette Tulum

  1. Does anyone have this ? how do you use it ?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Have you ever used it with a strap like what you get on the wapity?
    I have thought about this and getting and strap like the wapity and hooking it around my bags and using it as a cell phone carrier.
  2. I don't have and like to know if it's worth it for such a small item. TIA
  3. i have it and i use it as a phone case. you can attach the Wapity strap to it, but it would look weird, because of the chain that's already there. i usually just hook it onto one of my bags when i use it as a phone case
  4. ^^ thanks Sandra :smile:

    I guess in your bag there are no worries of it getting lost/falling off the bag. Thus the reason I thought with the wapity strap you could hang it on the outside with no worries.
  5. the D-ring is pretty secure. i've swung it around a bit and it hasn't fallen off my bags yet
  6. Awesome