Pouchette Tulum

  1. Does anyone have a Pouchette Tulum?
    I have a Pebble cellphone and I am thinking of getting a case for it.
    What do you think of it?
  2. i use my Pochette Tulum as a cell phone case sometimes. the turnlock makes it look so cute!
  3. I've just decided today I must get one of these, they're so cute! Yeux, join the Turnlock Club I just started - am dying to see pics of others' Tulums and Tikals! :wlae:
  4. The pochette tulum is so cute.
  5. It's a great idea. Unfortunately, my cell phone's antenna blocked the pochette's flap from closing properly. Good thing that the SA suggested that we try placing my cell phone in the pochette while in the store. Otherwise, I would have been sorely disappointed if I'd purchased the pochette and then realized at home that my cell phone didn't fit in the pochette.
  6. How much is this? i don't see it on Elux...
  7. $345... its there I just typed Tulum in the search and it came up.