Pouchette Question

  1. Ok so as a few of you may know, I've been on the lookout for my first LV Bag. I am saving up for a Speedy 30 and I think I will buy one out of the store to get a great experience but to hold me over until I get to a store, I was thinking about buying a pouchette on eBay.

    What do you guys use your pouchettes for? Do you use it as a handbag? Would you recommend a monogram or multicolor one?

    Any sellers you would recommend? Thanks for your help I really appreciate it :smile:
  2. I use my pochette as a evening bag.
  3. Pochette: Carry small things, when I don't feel like to caryy big bag.Sometime as a make up bag..

    eBay sellers: try to get it from MPRS but if you are concerned about the authenticy, please post it at Autenticate this thread ..
  4. ^^^Ditto- Make-up or nightclub/evening (not dress) bag.
  5. Use it as as evening bag...I like the mono or the vernis.
  6. I use it as a regular bag when I don't have the hubby around to stuff crap in it LOL
  7. I use it as a regular bag. I use it everywhere I go =]. Its very versitile ,I recomend it alot!. I own a monogram one.
  8. I have a mono and black MC pochette and they are awesome!! I use either of them when I go out. I especially like to bring one to the movies so I don't have to set my bag on a gross theatre floor.

    I also use them as makeup bags in my other bags.
  9. I use mine as an evening bag or for formal ocassions such as wedding receptions.
  10. My is on my d ring in my speedy filled with goodies
  11. I like big bags, but sometimes you just need to zip out....so I love to keep the essentials in the pouchette so I can grab and go...

    Also good for make up or other little things.
  12. I use mine in my speedy 30 as a makeup bag. But then I also dump it out and use it as a little purse for a night out, too. I love the size, it is awesome and would be great if you are getting a speedy!
  13. I have the Monogram Cerises and I basically can fit chapstick, wallet, keys, and my cell phone.. I think it's a great bag if you don't need to bring a lot with you that day! Other than that.. stick with the Speedy.

    Good luck with your decision! :biggrin: