pouchette panda

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  1. hey hey
    if anyone is looking for one,i saw it at the Louis vuitton store in century city shopping mall in Los Angeles...:idea:

  2. That's my favorite store! Good service and the SAs are the best. Plus, it's not super crowded like the South Coast Plaza store. I saw the Panda pochette there as well hanging with several different styles of pochettes. I was surprised to see the Panda as well, but I think the store had several in stock. I was at the store last week.
  3. how much do the panda pochettes retail for?
  4. i wanna know too!:smile:
  5. 395.00 is retail. better then ebay!!!
  6. hmm..i wonder if LV will ship to Canada? I think they don't since there are stores here...*cries*
  7. blushing - i know Canada received some panda pochettes last time the shipment was sent here so it might be possible that they'll get some more this time as well.
  8. yes definitely better than ebay and not to mention much much safeR!!!

  9. thanks so much for the heads up! the panda has been long sold out up here. :crybaby: it would be great to see them again!