pouchette or Chanel WOC?

  1. I thought that might have been the reason for it, it doesn't seem to make much sense business-wise for them to promote their less expensive ranges where promoting the more expensive ones = more $$$/£££.

    At the same time, I like it this way, because then everybody flocks to buy their well-advertised products and bags like the Panarea and New Lock pochettes are still rarely seen here :lol: so far I've only seen one woman carry a small purple Panarea just last month (was a tourist) since I started carrying my small silver one in Jan!
  2. The Panarea is a bestseller here and no doubt that's also a reason why there's no need for Dior to advertise and push these lines. Same reason why a black lambskin Lady Dior will likely never end up in an ad campaign - these things sell themselves. :smile:
  3. that's true, it's probably because Mulberry, LV and Chanel are more popular here than Dior, so I feel special :lol: although I have to say, one girl sat next to me on the bus one day, her bag had the Cannage stitching and my initial impression was that she had a Dior bag, until I saw the quality of it - a rip off brand stealing the idea of the cannage stitching! :tdown:
  4. Had to update this thread with a pic of my purple pouchette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!!! :smile: I love this bag!!! So cute, I have to say!!! :biggrin:
    kristinalonenh 007 (Small).jpg
  5. Very cute!!! :smile:
  6. OMG. So pretty and picturesque! I love your bag, congrats..... :love: