pouchette or Chanel WOC?

  1. I just bought a pochette in the house grey, patent finish. I love it!
    I was going to the Prada store at Heathrow Terminal 5, but never made it there after going to Dior and Gucci lol..

    I almost bought the exact same color as yours, but decided I really needed one with silver hardware..yours is gorgeous though -congrats!
  2. Thank you!! Oo I almost bought the grey; it's such a lovely, versatile color!
  3. ITA! - I needed a small purse for everyday, this one fits the bill..but it can be dressed up for sure. I'm already thinking of what other color I can get the pouchette in - I'd like one with gold hardware :smile:

    Saw your new Prada clutch on the general forum - love it, so funky!
    I never made it to Prada only because I had a short layover...I would have loved to, but DH is super glad the layover was short :biggrin:
  4. Can someone confirm that the pouchette does not come with a key?

    Many thanks! :smile:
  5. That is correct, the New Lock pochette does not come with a key
  6. Thank you! I recently bought one. :smile:
  7. This calls for a reveal! :graucho:
  8. I'm glad you picked the Dior. It is certainly the more reasonable and refined one of the two.

    I purchased the black patent pouchette in January of 2012. They sell fast and I had to go to the store 3 times until I finally saw it hanging on the display once and asked the Sales Associate to put it on hold for me.

    Unfortunately, the bag does not come with a key, which would have been really nice, but it is bigger and roomier than the Chanel WOC and better quality, in my opinion.

    Remember to keep the stuffing inside it when you're not using it so that it retains its shape.
  9. Here it is.....*smile*
  10. Good tip!
  11. Congratulations on getting this! It's a very versatile bag! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you! I love that you can wear it three different ways.

    Thanks to everyone else for posting their lovely pics. If they hadn't, I might not have noticed this lovely treasure.

    I was tempted to get the red however I love the basic black cause then I can wear the life out of it. :cool:
  13. I'm surprised that Dior didn't really advertise this bag at all, much like their Panarea. They had a large advertising campaign for the New Lock bag itself, but I don't remember any of the ads featuring this bag, which should sell better than the actual New Lock bag itself due to its versatility and price point.

    By the way, a red patent version could be your next New Lock pouch :graucho:
  14. Those styles at the lower price range will never be in advertising campaigns. :nogood:
  15. Oh. That's a shame. I guess it's up to the SAs, catalogs, and their website to promote them to potential buyers.