Pouchette Metis vs YSL Bellechasse croc


Sep 27, 2016
Hi All,

I took the plunge and bought the Pouchette Metis in Monogram but couldn’t bring myself to carry it as the monogram was in my face so returned it. I keep on going back to the Pouchette Metis and I’ve bought two bags on the way( Cluny MM indigo which I carry to work and love and My lock me BB in red which I’ve never carried).

My dilemma is this I have the Artsy Noir if I go for the PM Noir are they the same thing. I don’t really want the Blue as I have the indigo in Cluny. I bought the YSL Bellechasse medium in croc as I keep on going back and forth and don’t think I’ll rest until I get the PM. TBH this will be last bag for a very long time and I think I need to make up my mind really fast before the dreaded price increase.

Pics of the ysl below, there’s no information whatsoever about this bag and all my other bags are LV so not sure about their aftercare.


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Jul 16, 2009
It sounds like you really want the PM in Noir! You mentioned you kept going back to it and bought other bags....
I don’t think it matters if you already have an Artsy in Noir- they’re both totally different bags :smile:
I would get it- I saw it last month at the boutique and it’s beautiful!! I love the Empreinte leather and black is so classy and elegant.
Mar 19, 2007
I'd also advice PM in noir for you. I think PM in regular mono might be too "in your face" for you, but black is subtle and elegant. PM and Artsy are totally different bags so I don't think you should even compare them.

This YSL croc bag isn't doing anything for me. I think you secretly miss the PM style, and in black you'll wear it confidently and all the time.