Pouchette Metis Monogram vs. Metis Empreinte

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  1. So I went to the boutique to see if the Pouchette Metis would be large enough to fit my daily needs and to entertain any other possible choices. Of all the small bags it seemed to fit a lot and had an outside pocket for a phone. In doing so the SA showed me the Empriente in a gorgeous berry color. It also comes in black. The leather is $200 more than the canvas. I did love the berry color but wonder if it will go with enough. I love the mono but know I’d have to be aware of the vachetta trim and once winter and the black season comes Im just not a fan of a brown bag. Opinions please?

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  2. I just bought the cherry berry and I love it! It's a limited color so if you like it I say get it! I've used this bag almost daily since I got it and it is so practical. My second vote is the Noir, but since it's a permanent color I went with cherry berry. Buy what makes your heart sing! :smile:
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  3. I do like the black. But in the end I decided for the monogram. Whatever color you pick just make sure you will get lots of wear from it. Enjoy picking your beauty.
  4. Do also consider the potential issues with the canvas piece. It's quite hotly discussed in the forum. The empreinte pieces are more worry free.
  5. Yes, I’d already have it if it weren’t for that!
  6. I also got it in cherry berry and agree the leather and color are gorgeous! For full transparency, I returned it, but only because I'd gotten a red Chanel in July and the similar color and shape made the PM (sadly) feel redundant to me.

    That said, I still love it and it has my vote out of the three. It’ll be a beautiful pop of color in winter when it seems like everyone is in black, but it's also a red that can be worn year-round. Not so deep that it can only be worn in fall and winter, but not so bright that it can only be worn in spring and summer.

    I don’t think it’s too difficult to match with clothes. I wear a lot of beige/white tops with navy/black/olive bottoms and tried the bag on with a few different outfits and thought it matched well. It’s a neutral enough red where it can tie other neutrals together, instead of clashing or being too loud like other reds. I personally wouldn't pair it with anything too colorful, or crazy patterns, or even florals. It is still a red bag after all, and I'd feel like my clothes were competing with my bag. But solids or stripes would work well.
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  7. I think the cherry berry will go with a lot. It’s a fairly neutral pop of color. Black is a safe choice if you need/like a black bag. It’s funny I only have a large black tote & a black formal clutch that I still use & not regularly. I stopped carrying black on a regular basis years ago for some reason...

    Problems aside... would your 1st choice have been mono? Then get mono. I love mine & have no issues yet (knock on wood). It goes with everything. Great for work & weekends. I just think this bag in mono looks fantastic. The vachetta is minimal & nothing to stress about.
  8. Is the empreinte Métis noticeably heavier than the mono?
  9. I had that mentality until the problems occurred and I was so furious. And I thought to myself I shouldn't be making myself stressed over something that should be making me happy.
  10. I figure if anything goes really bad LV will make it right. It’s really just a bag. I’m not going to stress over it. I’ve had some real problems this year - bag issues are the least of my concerns.
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  11. Noir, for sure.
  12. They will, I'm sure. However, it might not what you'd be expecting. First, if you bring in your PM in canvas with known defects, they will be able to exchange to either exchange it or give you a store credit. However, if you want to exchange it for the same model (PM in canvas), you might not be able to do so because that piece is not readily available. Hence, you have to wait for god knows how long before you can do your exchange.

    Second, there are different practices and policies from what I've observed. I've seen in some cases where LV does not allow you to exchange it back to the original pieces. Should they allow you for to exchange it back to PM in canvas, I've heard cases where they will warn you that you are aware of the risks and a second exchange is not allowed. That being said, I've also heard cases that the shop tells them that they will still be responsible for a second exchange if problems still occur.

    In my own experience, the store gave me a store credit because they claim that they didn't known when would the canvas piece appear. I took the store credit and topped up for the empreinte noir because I didn't want the hassle.
  13. Meh if I have issues I’ll just get a credit for something else. To me it’s just a bag. I’m not super attached to it & it has zero sentimental value for me. I’m really not worried about it. I’m sorry you’ve had such troubles.
  14. Thanks for your comments! I have a red Valentino and a red Gucci but they are not bags I wear unless I wear red or almost all black so it is minimal I feel as if this could be worn with more and like you said, it's not just for the Fall. I can def. see myself wearing it at other times like I do with the red. It is a really pretty berry color rather than a true red. I feel as if I just have too many black bags and they have become uneventful this year to me even though they are really nice. Just too plain for me. So maybe I do need to break up my collection with a leather bag. Thanks!
  15. I would get either Cherry Berry or Noir. I have both and love them. I feel the Cherry Berry is a very wearable color.
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