Pouchette for Pooper :woohoo:A Birthday Reveal :drinks:

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  1. A Birthday means more with some nice brown packaging, right! :P

    Baikal pouchette holding Bag.jpg

    Baikal pouchette holding bag_2.jpg

    olympe monogram Box_1.jpg

    olympe monogram Box_2.jpg
    Hubby is taking us on a cruise in March of next year, so I wanted to get him a gift for his Birthday that he could also use on the cruise & something I thought he would LoVe. :woohoo:
    It's not easy to find something for a man to carry that is small enough and still masculine looking. Believe me, I have searched for a very long time, but anything for my pooper.
    Pooper is a name I affectionately call him sometimes. Have for years. Does not mean the obvious of what you may be thinking. :roflmfao:

    Thank you for sharing with me.:hugs:

    And when the packaging is all stripped off, lol what do we find?
    Some more packaging. :smile:




    And the finale




    More in next post

  2. Hubby hasn't even wore it yet.
    A few more photos. Thanks again for allowing me to share.;)






  3. Very nice pochette !
  4. That is a great gift!
  5. Great gift! Growing up in Europe, my dad always carried one.
  6. That's a beautiful gift, i m sure he wıii be like it a lot!
  7. Great choice. Congrats!
  8. Beautiful gift...very thoughful:smile:
  9. Very nice and congrats to your DH.
  10. As a man, I always prefer leather over canvas!
  11. Hi and yes I think my Husband is the same way. Plus this style is understated with the logo. It's there, but not all over the place.
    Now with that being said, if that is what one likes or wants, I say go for it, but in my case with choosing this for him for his Birthday, I wanted something more masculine, strong and elegant looking in a casual way.
    Hey I just described my baby. :graucho:

    Thanks for your opinion.:smile:
  12. Beautiful! congrats!
  13. that's really really lovely! congrats!
  14. Love it! Congrats!