pouchette extender

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. how nuch are they?did not see them on eluxury...is it just a brass piece?help!
  2. I'm thinking mine was about $125. I don't usually see them on Eluxury. I ordered mine from a boutique.
  3. i think you can call elux and order one from them, even though it's not on the site.
  4. They are usually in the scarves & accessories section under "other accaessories" . They were $110 last time I checked. & that is what I paid a little while ago. Sometimes they are listed as "bolt Key holder" or "keychain Verrou" .
  5. got mine just 2 0r 3 weeks ago.....LV store Philippines......PHP6,850.........that's about USD 137.
  6. It is $110 in US. I just got mine last week.
  7. you can order it from elux; they just don't have a pic up. The model number is M62694 if you wanna call and order. I may get one soon! still deciding though...
  8. yes I am going to get one soon...key chain and pouchette extender...yeah!!!!
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