Pouchette as Makeup Bag?

  1. Hello..
    I see that many of you use their pouchettes as makeup bags ... what do you do with the strap in this case? ...
    i know my daughter will KILL me if i take my (her) pouchette from her but it seems like a practical idea to use it as a makeup bag since the one i am using now is too HUGE for the makup i have in it ....
    so ... what do you do wth the strap?
  2. a pochette as a make-up bag...brilliant~! Never ocurred to me...hmm. I will have to try it out...and I would use the strap as a wristlet if I ever carried JUST the pochette.

    can someone who uses the pochette as make-up bag post some pics, please?
  3. I loop the strap. That way I can still grab it but it doesn't look like I have a purse inside my purse.
  4. You can either loop the strap like a wristlet, or if you have a D ring inside your bag, you can hook it onto that.