Pouchette Accessoires

  1. For those of you who have the pouchette accessoires do you love it? What do you use it for? An accessory to another bag? A "evening bag" for weddings etc., or all of the above. I am considering asked DH for on for Christmas. I thought it would be a great addition to my Speedy for putting make up etc in. Thanks
  2. I use it for a regualr bag (Im 12, so I need/wear small bags), I use it for an everyday type bag, also it is a great bag to put in the speedy.
  3. I use mine to go on errands, shopping and when I don't need to carry a lot with me that day.
  4. I love mine, It's like a clutch bag for me for evenings and going out.
  5. I use it when I need a bag, but can't be bothered by a big clunky bag. For a short trip that I know I'll be in and out of a store (i.e., grocery store to get milk). I also use it when I go clothes shopping. Doesn't get in my way of browsing.
  6. I love all my pochettes. They make excellent evening bags, small valuable tote, on the run clutch, or just plain old accessory bag to a larger purse.
  7. i like to use my epi one as a clutch sometimes, and sometimes when i go out at night i use it as a handbag also.
  8. i use it as a regular bag it can fit my wallet,razr phone, make-up compack, keys, and a little hair brush!
  9. I use mine inside my bags to put make up and stuff that I want access to easily..I bought the extender so I can use it has an evening bag but, I love big bags and never go anywhere that requires an evening type bag. To be honest I did not even need the extender so it was a bit of a waste even though I like it. The Sophie bag will be coming out soon and now I wish that I would have held out on the pouchette accessoire because the Sophie would make a great evening clutch and it would fit inside my larger bags as well. Good luck
  10. I LOVE LOVE mine! I use it inside my speedy for makeup and then dump it out for a purse for a night on the town. Can't rave enough about this awesome piece.
  11. I use it as a clutch for special occasions.
  12. I use mine as a bag inside my bigger bag. and take that with me if I need to run errands or something
  13. sometimes i use it on its own as a little clutch bag but sometimes i use it as a bag inside a bag type of thing (makeup, tissues, etc.). love the pochette accessories! so useful and pretty! i have it in azur.
  14. I just love small bags! I use my pochettes all the time, when I'm not using them alone I just put them inside whatever bigger bag I'm using at the time. If you're going to use it alone, definitely invest in an extender, I don't think I'd use mine without it.
  15. It's a great little bag to have. You can put it on your arm & hardly realize it's there.