Pouches? Only for younger girls or can young adults pull it off as well?

  1. I really like:


    but the only people I've seen carrying these type of bags are in the teenybopper group, which makes me hesitant. How old do you think would be the cut off for this type of bag? If I offended anyone I'm sorry and please tell me your point of view. TIA:flowers:
  2. It's such a cute bag, but I, too, would be hesitant carrying it b/c I mostly see preteens and teens carrying it, and I like to be different, but it is a really cute bag.
  3. love the bag, it is whatever you like. I have seen women in the mall with the pouches and i don't think it makes a difference. Teens do carry them a-lot though. It also looks a bit more "sophisticated" then let's say a regular coach scribble pouch
  4. ^^definitely think it is alot better than the scribble line(didn't like it that much.) I am really liking the stripes.
  5. hey, no dissing the scribble stuff- i like mine!!;)
    as for pouches...personally, i never see the younger girls with them (but maybe that's just where i live?). but i think it depends on how you're built, honestly. sometimes it just looks like you couldn't get anything bigger, you know what i mean? it's totally not meant in a bad way...
  6. I really like it! The kisslocks on the side make it adorable. I think women older than teenagers could definitely pull off wearing this bag. I'm 35 and I'd wear it. :o)
  7. I have two cosmetic pouches...both of which I carry like purses. I love them. And was totally thinking of that new striped one too!
    Photo 43.jpg Photo 35.jpg
  8. I think some pouches really are made for the younger girls. This one looks a little bit more sophisticated. I think you could carry it with no problem. As long as you like it that's all that really matter, right?
  9. I agree. Some pouches are just really teen looking. This one looks good though. It can be for both teen and non-teen gals.
  10. I think it looks really good! I think If you wear nice, classy clothes with it (i.e. white blouse and nice pants or nice jeans) it would complete the outfit perfectly. Same goes for the Scribble bags in my opinion. This particular pouch is really pretty. Let us know if you're getting it and post pics pls!
  11. I've never personally thought about wearing the pouches as a purse b/c I do see alot of highschooler wearing them that way & they are on the small side. But this one I'm head over heels in love with, the kisslocks are so cute.
  12. Oh, I thought the bag is a lot bigger than it actually is. I would probably go with a bigger bag that has the same pattern or use it as a going out bag. I have a LV Pochette that I absolutely love but find it too small for everyday usage...

    Also, my best friend doesn't like wearing small bags because she is quite tall so that is also something to consider- I am quite small and quite like small bags on me for going out. The main thing is: I absolutely love the look and do not believe it to be "young" (its not like it has green and pink bees, hearts etc on it-the color combination is very sophisticated) and the only thing I would consider as a potential problem is the size. Good luck!:yes:
  13. Hey all, thanks for sharing! I'm barely 5 5" and petite, so I know with this bag I'll already look younger then I already am. The bag with the extra kiss lock pouches make it look more to scale for my body because it would make it longer then my body. I just don't want to feel like I have to switch bags because I don't want SAs to treat me differently, especially since the malls around me cater more toward the wealthy, and the other malls with gas prices and their state taxes is just not worth it at times. But I'm wearing the bag for myself right?
  14. Shellbell you look too cute! I love the PJs with the ladybug pouch!
  15. I like the pouch and have seen women carrying them. As a matter of fact I have seen women carrying all brands in smaller bags lately.