pouch question...

  1. I have the signature scibble 2005 pouch... and on the inside, there's no creed. I know for a fact this pouch is real, because I have the recpiet, and my dad bought it at an OUTLET, so I was wondering if maybe they send it to the outlet because it was a mistake... so could you guys clear this up for me? thanks ;)
  2. I'm 99% sure that the pouches (like wristlets & beauty cases) don't have creeds, since they're really considered accessories and not bags.
  3. just checked my gold siggy pouch also from outlet and there is a creed
  4. argh.
    Well I know mine is real. :]
    The handtag also fell off, so I have no proof of its real-ness
  5. I don't think pouches have creeds
  6. Most pouches do not have creeds. I think there are a few that do but the majority of them do not. If your dad got your pouch at an outlet and you have the receipt I don't think you need to worry about authenticity. :nogood:
  7. ok. thanks. :]
    And my handtag fell off, does coach sell replacements?:confused1:
  8. They're right, generally pouches don't have creeds or serial numbers. Sometimes they'll have a little leather patch on them but that's it. And all you have to do is either go into a boutique, or call Coach CS and they'll send you a replacement hangtag for free. :smile: The outlets even have some in the back sometimes.
  9. ok thanks!! :kiss:
  10. mine definetly has a creed w a number. i asked my Dad, he said he actually bought it at the boutique in the US last yr, not in the outlet after all.
  11. Most pouches do not have creeds.