Pouch for iPad

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I'm thinking about buying a pouch for my iPad and other electronics (e.g. for travelling). What would you recommend? I'm considering the Daily Pouch or Toiletry Pouch 26, but any input from experienced iPad pouch users would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. I have the etui voyage MM as a travel pouch for my ipad and some other chargers, earphones etc. I also put some travel paperwork in it. I like it and find is useful when traveling.
  3. Thank you! I've never heard about it, but it might just be what I'm looking for.
  4. You may consider this. 2A5FE3CB-9B20-46BA-8A32-55EF54E01998.png
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  5. I have the Etui Voyage PM for my iPad mini. Love it!
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  6. I have the Giant monogram kirigami :smile:
    The large one in kaki color fits a mini iPad perfectly.
  7. Thank you! I have a regular iPad though. Otherwise, that would be a great option.
  8. I will definitely check them out, thank you!
  9. Try the following:
    -Etui Voyage GM monogram
    -Pochette Jour GM. Comes in damier graphite, taurillon leather, and epi leather. The epi leather has 2 models: plain one and the one with the yellow or blue Giant LV logo - latest collection)
    Good luck deciding.
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  10. I don’t think the L size fits regular iPad
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  11. I will be in Berlin in November and I hope they can show me some of them at the local boutiques. I'll take your list with me.
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  12. Good advice! Actually I have all of those and a regular iPad, and I can tell the the inside pocket of the Etui Voyage MM was taylored perfectly for a 9,7" iPad.
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  13. Wowza! Such a collection you have!
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  14. :biggrin: Thanks.
    I don't have a Jeffree Star closet, but I am a sucker for pochettes, so I get them in all shapes and sizes :smile:
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  15. Yeah Jeffree has a massive collection!
    LV is addicting isn’t it?
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