Pouch Dilema

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  1. I was just wondering if any of you wonderful ladies owns one of the pouches.

    I was looking at them and deciding between the Mitzy Pouch, the Bayswater Pouch of the Bayswater Cosmetic bag (the may even call those 2 on their website the long locked - it is late and I am getting tired and my brain is shutting down :smile:). All 3 are similar in size, but the cosmetic bag is just a tad larger in depth I do believe (that is what the website says but sometimes they are known to be wrong).

    Which pouch would be the best to keep some of my feminine needs in plus a few little other things so they aren't all over my bag?

    All help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I have the locked cosmetic purse, it's great and I love it, but if you want to fit much into this pouch, I think this one might be too small, even though it's wider at the bottom. In this thread you can see mine http://forum.purseblog.com/mulberry/presenting-to-you-all-534744-2.html

    It says that the Mitzy and the bayswater pouch are the same size. Just do a search and check out reveals and pics of the Mitzy pouch, there has been quite a few lately. Seems like it holds a lot!
  3. I had a bays pouch but returned it because the postmans lock dug into everything in my bag or if I turned it round caused a bulge on the outside of the bag. I then got a mitzy pouch which I much preferred. The only problem with that is the weight of the metal disc and as I'm trying to reduce the weight I carry I have just got one of the fairground horses pouches which is lovely and light (but perhaps a little delicate). Hope this helps.
  4. I have the locked cosmetic purse, and now also the Mitzy pouch. As Thea says, the cosmetic purse is wider at the bottom. It's great for cosmetics since it has the washable textile inside, whereas the pouch doesn't. I won't put much make-up things in my pouch, just some other feminine things, handsfree for my cell phone and a couple of other bits and pieces. You can fit more into the locked cosmetics purse. Depends how much room you'll need...
  5. Hi. i was worried that the postman's lock would dig into things. I had originally gotten the long locked purse and exchanged for the continental because of this. I think I might go for the Mitzy. Gosh, all look nice...may have have a peek at the fairgrounds horse pouch...
  6. I have the Mitzy pouch and love it for my bits and bobs.
    At the moment it is holding a small hair brush, packet of headache tablets, two lipsticks, a tube of handcream and a pack of mints. Still with some room.

    It wouldn't be big enough for me to use as a make-up bag but is great for carrying things around. I haven't carried any powdery make-up in it and so far the fabric is still pristine! LMM has a great sized make-up bag on her accessories thread. Check it out....
  7. hiya!
    i've got two Mitzy pouches, 1 x turquoise, and the leather has gone lovely and smooshy, and 1 x cracked lipstick, which is just as lush! i use one for make and one as bag organiser! x
  8. Well, the postman locks digs into things.. I have the longlocked purse too, and I always turn it around so that it doesn't dig into the leather. (I usually only take my longlocked cosmetic purse with me on weekend trips, travels etc, and then it's not really a big issue.) I'm so used to doing that now, so don't really think about it anymore.

    If you don't plan to have any powdery make up in it, the pouch may be a better option or you then.
  9. Thanks for your help! I don't carry around makeup with me so I think the pouch would work nicely for my little bits and things. Now I just have to justify to myself that $185 is not too much to pay...as it isn't like I am not using something now... If that makes any sense :smile: